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16h c19 NotRob
Is Kendra/Padma the main pairing? Just wondering because from how Kendra described how she liked Padma, it's like it didn't even register to her that she was a girl, so I'm just wondering if she's full on lesbian, bisexual, or demisexual. I kind of want to see her explore other things before she settles on her eventual partner.
19h c1 Reader1qr
hello how do i unfollow a story?
10/20 c10 Sting3
Good chapter! Can’t wait to read about who gets the diary...! Cool that she met the delacours already.
10/20 c9 Sting3
Good chapter! Can’t wait to read about year two. I loved year one! You are such a great writer, thanks so much!
10/19 c8 Sting3
Good chapter! Thanks!
10/19 c7 Sting3
Great chapter! I loved what she saw in the mirror, what a great idea!
10/19 c6 Sting3
Good chapter! Awesome ending! Thanks!
10/19 c5 justng82
I think a fem!harry and a fem!percy would be interesting
10/18 c19 6lilly-flower15
great chapter update soon
10/18 c5 Sting3
Good chapter! Go Kendra! :)
10/18 c4 Sting3
Good chapter! Can’t wait for first day of classes... :)
10/18 c3 Sting3
Good chapter! Interesting wand! Thanks. :)
10/18 c2 Sting3
Good chapter! I’m excited to read more, thanks! :)
10/18 c1 Sting3
Wow! What a great start! Looks to be an interesting story. Thanks so much for posting it.
10/17 c19 mizzrazz72
The puzzle pieces have fitted.
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