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for Sasuhina month 2020

6/19/2020 c1 Luna
So lovely!
6/13/2020 c1 Guest
More please!
6/5/2020 c1 Guest
My heart melts for these two precious people. The unassuming Sasuke. The confident Hinata. The all-consuming love they share. I'm so happy with the ending. I love it
6/5/2020 c1 Guest
6/5/2020 c1 jeyelsee
I'm sold. You won me over. I absolutely loved it! You have such an incredible style of writing. I'm so amazed. You have a gift in writing that enables you to connect to your readers' heart. Please keep writing. More power to you!
6/5/2020 c1 Guest
Such rich words. Totally a wonderful piece. I'm just so happy to read it. It's overwhelming. I can't help but admire your work.
6/5/2020 c1 Guest
Oh my gosh this is so beautiful. My chest aches. My heart is full. I think you're my favourite author now. This is a masterpiece. I love it so much!
6/2/2020 c1 IvoryxNoir
6/2/2020 c1 LoLaLoLitaLola25
Hermoso, precioso y simplemente perfecto. Gracias por la lectura 3
6/2/2020 c1 5TAYYABALARAIB
This was like reading poetry. Beautiful...sufficient without needing much to say. I loved it. Absolutely beautiful.
6/2/2020 c1 Danish78
Thanks for the very good read. Well written oneshot. Liked this Sasuke's obsession with duty and denying his wants/passions along with a Hinata who's confident in her abilities and authority as a treasured heiress/leader of her clan. Surprised by the Hokage bit and glad that it ended happily ever after.
6/1/2020 c1 UchihaYumiko
Lo ame de principio a fin
Pensé que la amaría desde las sombras
Pero me encantó el fin

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