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for Kamen Rider concept ideas

12/7/2020 c5 24Dash master 48
The second Den-O belt is an improvement over the last.

Nice Eyecon ideas.

I question if Jam is memorable enough for the Time Jackers to target...

Really cool Lockseeds, Ridewatches, Fullbottles and Progrise Keys as well!
12/6/2020 c5 194vikung-fu
I am fascinated by the idea of a William Blake eyecon.
6/17/2020 c1 CapMorgan55
Your ideas are incredible, and I would love to see a lot of them put into practice, but do you have any ideas for Zero-One?
6/16/2020 c4 24Dash master 48
Love your Eyecon ideas, and your Another Rider ideas. Mind if I take them?
6/9/2020 c3 Dash master 48
Aqua, VRX, Kiva Garulu, Bashha and Dogga forms, Poseidon, Saga, Nadeshiko, Kyoryuger (not Kyuryuger) and OOO Combo Livewatches? Awesome!
6/7/2020 c2 Dash master 48
I like the Eyecons. I think I had my own idea for an Arthur Eyecon. Eyecon ideas I have include Dr. Seuss, Princess Diana and Terry Pratchett.

I like that Kid Icarus Gashat too.

As for the Ridewatches, faves include Geiz armour (so Sougo can wear it to avenge him if he gets killed off in a story), Orga (Yuji’s actor’s dead, I see it as a way to remember him), HeatMetal and LunaTrigger (now I need to listen to Free Your Heat and Finger on The Trigger right after typing this), Diend and Geiz II (surprised they didn’t have these in Geiz Majesty), Blood Stalk, Prime Rogue and Night Rogue (all for more Build), Rod, Axe, Wing and New Den-O (Kintaros is my favourite Imagin (probably because he likes to sleep a lot) and I’m all for more Kotaro ‘n Teddy), (Super) Mashin Chaser (still one of the best Rider suits), Rising Ultimate (I fear for whoever uses this) and Thouser (PRESENTED BY ZAIA!).
6/2/2020 c1 Dash master 48
I must say I love most of these and want to try my hand at writing them into stuff. Especially the Cobra Sclashjelly, the various Evolbottles (TIGER! TIGER! EVOLT TIGER! FUHAHAHA...), the Ichigo energy and peach Lockseeds (just as good as the idea I had for a lime one) and the Praying Mantis Zector (idea for a rider who uses it; Kamen Rider Kama).

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