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for Courting Kitty

6/12 c1 110Dixie Dewdrop
Awww...this was so sweet.
6/7 c1 tengland2
The image of Matt trying to be a helpful waiter, worth a smile. Interesting conversation upstairs, thanks for posting.
6/2 c1 LovingmesomeMK
Loved this! He knew he loved Kitty and in his way he said it. Excellent story! More of these please.
6/2 c1 MaryRoseEllen
Aaah, that was sweet. Glad you followed up so quickly with a sequel. Keep them coming!
6/1 c1 53Shellecah
An entertaining vignette, lighthearted and touching. I like Matt's sweet side and the banter that's a big part of his relationship with Kitty in the episodes. Also enjoy the bright tone of your writing.
6/1 c1 57lostcowgirl
This was a wonderful follow-up that shows us an overprotective Matt. He gets his moods when it comes to her - sometimes "she can handle it" & sometimes stepping in even when he doesn't need to. I like the lighthearted tone you adopt for this sequel to your first story. I look forward to you trying some longer ones. BTW, did you tone down what Matt actually said to Chester to make sure the rating was K?

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