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12/19/2020 c6 21edboy4926
Awesome chapter.
12/19/2020 c6 MarauderPrime12
Excellent chapter
12/11/2020 c5 8JonHarper
Looking good. I'd love to see Sanada and the others taking inventory of the UNSC weapons and materials. Should be more than enough Body armor and weapons to fit out most of the crew. Hell, the Dawn likely had a ton of Covenant weapons too. There should also be Mjlonir armor repair kits for the Chief to maintainhid armor, tons of ammo, handheld computers, food and other essential supplies to help the mission. I'd love to see Sanada Analyze them. His mind has always been analytical and logical. Comparing these weapon and armor systems as well as their overall technology of the UNSC to the UNs own would be very interesting. Niimi's insight into this would also be interesting as those two tend to feed off each other. But just as importantly, learning about Slipspace drives and technology while getting keen insights into Covenant technology and weapons could help open up new avenues and ideas for the UN Cosmo forces. Stuff they're going to need in the near and far future. Especially with Gatlantis in the near future.

For the Halo side learning about wave motion technology is going to be critical. Its quite literally a game changer that could render the Covenant and its splinter organizations a non-threat in the near and far future. Hell it could be an equalizer against Hostile Forerunner elements like the Diadact. Everything from the wave motion energy to the Maingun and the Shields and Shock cannons. You can bet she's going over their technical schematics and scientific and engineering principles and how to integrate them into UNSC designs. It's kinda Cortanas bread and butter.

Character wise I'd love to see the Chief put in the work with the crew. Normally he's anti-social as all hell but here he is working towards a mission objective. Oddly, when removed from the pressure of socializing for socializing sake the Cheif can hold his own in a conversation if its working towards a clear Military goal. So say if Lt Mori or Niimi are showing him around the ship (while he builds a digital map of the interior with Mjolnirs radar mapping systems and then cross referencingwith Cortans pulled schematics) he'd talk and answer questions as much as ask them. But knowing Mori and or Niimi they'd start inquiring about the Spartan program and what its like, which would then have the Chief start clamming up. I'm actually surprised Okita didn't ask about it as there is nothing standard issue about the Chief. The man's sheer presence screams Special Forces Super Soldier. But I'll cough that up to the man being distracted by the coming battle and all the shit he's been through. After Pluto he'll start asking questions and making calculations on the Chief and the options he brings to the table. Juzo Okita was nothing if not a brilliant tactician.

I certainly want to headdesk when they allowed Cortana into their systems and I wanted to scream it's not realistic giving it's supposed to be a professional Military ship and a crew that takes Security seriously..but this IS the Yamato crew and they did stuff like that all the time, to the point I wanted to scream in frustration. So their actions of letting Cortana into their systems doesn't even surprise me, cause its totally in character for them.

Id love to see the Chief integrate into the crew as he conducts boarding and counter boarding drills with the ships Security detachment. He kicks their ass then gives pointers on how to improve and teaches them how to expertly use UNSC gear and weapons. Yamato Security Detachment didnt exactly cover themselves in glory in the show. I know Toru Hoshina and his colleagues would be grateful and humbled by someone of the Chiefs caliber training them to be better.

Oh and one last thing. The Dawn had a state of the art medical facilities onboard. That tech was likely salvaged. Imagine using a sterile field generator in Sickbay or maybe flash cloning Captain Okita a new heart. So many possibilities here. All in all, love the story dude. Keep it up!
12/7/2020 c5 17readerofgoodfanfiction
Other than shooting the Planet Bombs heading for Earth, part of it seems to follow the OTL. Poor Analyzer, he is getting a bit miff at how Cortana handling of the Yamato, but then, Cortana is a military grade A.I. capable of handling ships systems three times bigger with ease.

Too bad there was no UNSC fighter jets on board the Dawn. An F-41 Exoatmospheric Multirole Strike Fighter, also known as the Broadsword would have been nice and see how it can stand up in the starblazers universe fighters
12/6/2020 c5 Guest
One think i want to point out is that while the Wave Motion Cannon is indeed powerful current Halo humanity is not far behind in the department of mass destruction weapons the UNSC Punic Class Supercarrier posses a pair of Super MAC (the same type of weapon mounted in the ODP's used by the UNSC), and those guns are rated above the 50 Gigatons, many have theorized that if they were shot against and Earth like planet at full power it could probably demolish an entire continent and the ones mounted in the UNSC Infinity are widely belived to be even more powerful considring it was capable of damaging the Mantle's approach the Didact personal flagship
11/22/2020 c4 1jaws.white7
Hmm This is sounding good for the story so far, a bit surprised the pelican is smaller than the Seagull?

I would have thought it more efficient for Cortana to go back to the FUD for aid and speed of prioritising material to be brought over to Yamoto.

A Fun thought I had considering the speed UNSC can travel would be using the engines to take the rear half of the FUD to Pluto and use any remaining Hyperions or other ordinance to attack the base.
11/12/2020 c4 ZILLAFAN
Actually, the Seagull is barely 20 meters long, whereas the Pelican is 30 at least... and can transport 20 people rather than just 4.
11/14/2020 c4 17readerofgoodfanfiction
A few misspell here and there but a good chapter all in all. looks like the Yamato crew will be having a field day in going thru the Dawn data banks especially the Slipstream Drive which is a human invention and navigational charts of thousand of habitable planets and not just the 800 well known ones. It will be a major boon for UN Cosmo Navy if the star charts matches with theirs. Also, historical records of UNSC history where they can learn the success and failures of another humanity and hopefully avoid some of their mistakes.
11/11/2020 c3 Keyblade Warlord
I'm surprised that this is the only Halo/Star Blazers crossover on the site. The two series work so well together. Anyway, I can't wait to how the crew of the Yamato reacts when they first meet Cortana. For some reason I think there's going to be some friction between her and Analyzer.

Please update soon!
11/13/2020 c4 KnightOfZaku
Excellent chapter!

Now that the Chief and Cortana are part of the crew. I can't wait to see how much their presence shakes things up.
11/13/2020 c4 21edboy4926
Awesome chapter.
10/30/2020 c3 KnightOfZaku
It's been awhile since I've seen a Halo crossover fic this awesome. Consider your amazing story followed and favorited.
10/28/2020 c3 1QuantumAxolotl
Keep it up! Loving the story!
10/26/2020 c3 AlanTawers
You are a good man
10/26/2020 c3 8JonHarper
Its a good chapter and certainly gets to the issue of first contact. Functional, if anything. I'd imagine that the real meat of the first contact will happen next part. I'd advise being too quick to just jumping into the 'oh he's from another universe' and everyone just accepting it at face value. That just doesn't happen and it can often be jarring. However, if anyone would figure it out it would be Sanada and Niimi. But even then its only a theory...only now its standing in front of them. The Master Chief providing them with combat footage of the Covenant, of the UNSC fleet, all of that would go along way to show them the truth and convince them. Still would be a bit hard to accept though. But having the Chief and Cortana on the ship would make them huge assets. Especially as the Yamato had a habit of hostile boarders crashing the party.
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