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9/16 c1 Aura of Miracles
I hope to see the next chapter! :)

9/15 c2 5hunter81095
If you can get the Covenant Corvette pointed towards Coruscant, then use it. It should be just about as fast as a hyper drive, and it prevents Anakin from being put into Palpatine's line of sight for now. Better to have him be discovered later or never, as even by EU standards, neither Plagueis nor Palpatine knew of Anakin's existence until Qui-Gon brought him to Coruscant.

Also, from the POV of the characters, using the Corvette, and having the crew aboard the Nubian sending their IFF signal would be the superior option to having to send people down to the surface of Tatooine to get the parts for a hyperdrive from an undoubtedly shady criminal.

As for pairing, I wanna see him paired with someone from Naboo personally. Padmè, Sabè, or Sola. He doesn't have any prejudice towards SW aliens to get rid of besides general mistrust, and that is better resolved through relying on them on the battlefield as comrades in arms over romance, and juxtaposition of a Naboo pacifist with a person made for war is a far more interesting romance arc than "Aayla Secura/Shaak Ti paired with crossover character #3670"

Fem!Revan, Bastila, and those sound interesting, but I'd rather a fic that focuses on them being in the Prequel Era over them being thrown in as shipbait.

So yeah, I vote one of the Naboo.
9/15 c1 hunter81095
Is it bad that I kind of want Noble 6 to get Padmè? Just have him spend time with her after she reaches actual adulthood. Anakin can't turn to the Dark Side to save Padmè if Noble 6 is dating her after all.
9/13 c2 8JonHarper
This is an intriguing story. I'm interested in seeing where it goes. I have a suggested about the pairing. How about none? Spartans aren't very big on the dating scene.
8/28 c2 dragon44pride
I can PICTURE Noble 6 trying to Dismember or otherwise inflict Serious Bodily Harm Jar Jar.
8/24 c2 3Archangel Writings
Love the story so far. As for my pairing vote, I love the idea of Fey (Ultimate Healer-DPS match up, and the fact she is the ultimate follower of the living force would allow her to easily defy the council. Just hope you let her survive), FemRevan (I mean, who wouldn’t love to see Revan and Six kicking ass together), or some Mando (Maybe an OC instead of Boe Katan. The galaxy’s best warrior people hooking up with one of the the most lethal Spartan’s would be awesome). Keep up the good work...
... Archangel Writings
8/23 c2 Darth revan1998
Can't wait to read more
8/19 c2 14InfernoKnightmare
I think pairing Six up with Aayla Secura or Shaak Ti would be a interesting plot point. As it would mean that not only has he come to regard that not all aliens are genocidal maniacs bent on the extinction of humanity but also has become romantically involved with one. Also those two Jedi are closer to Qui-Gon Jinn's ideology when it comes to the force and not the whole Light side is good and Dark side is bad so only ever use the Light side.
8/16 c1 Otto Morris
Please come back to this story
8/12 c2 KillingFiendCorp
What is Halo Six's
Knee Guards
And Chesplate
Is it all mjolnir armour or is it a custom armour creation set.
8/10 c2 Shu Ouma GC
My vote Six x Padme
8/6 c2 levi.hall.9279
Thoroughly enjoyed the story and I am eager to see what you have planned next; my vote is for current universe
8/3 c2 The Incedible Mr BassMan
Honestly i'd go for the harem route, but im pretty sure thats my hormons talking
8/3 c2 2Enclave ranger
I actually really like the idea of the Bo Katan pairing. Mando and Spartan sounds awesome.
7/28 c2 I Judicator
Six and a Mandalorian. I live that idea for a pairing. They would bond over combat for sure right.
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