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for Conan and The Philosopher’s Stone

9/11 c3 Really Like This
I really like this and will keep looking forward to new updates.
I am curious to see if certain people like Snape and/or Dumbledore can see through his disguise, and how Conan will interact with them.
Also just hearing the sound of the description of those boots, I really hope Conan doesn't actually try to wear those, I'd rather be short than march around in those things they sound painful as all hell.
8/31 c3 nixtorment
I can't wait to read your exploration and explanation on how magic touched our little cone and why exactly his magic is 'unstable'. What interest me is the invitation letter itself. It clearly stated Mr. Conan Edogawa and not Shinichi Kudo. Dumbledore reaction makes me wonder if he and McGonagall actually knows about Shinichi's situation, hence the name. Yusaku, Yukiko, and Shinichi flow of talk is just incredible, adore it so much I can't stop smiling! Their interaction is both cute and funny. I actually understand little to nothing regarding Harry Potter's lore and had no interest whatsoever, but your fic makes me research it just for the sake of understanding your take on this crossover better (I open like, a ton of web just to know how the invitation, enrollment, and wand really works cause I don't wanna miss what you hint or deliver in the story). Great and incredible chapters! Can't wait for the next update and hope seeing you soon! Stay healthy, Pastelle!
8/25 c3 24GreenTea4062
Can aging potion help him?
8/25 c3 25543mj
So it’s come to choosing between comments on height or his style.
8/25 c3 28Sakura Lisel
Um... After the number of times she must have encountered Kaito Kid with Conan, and EVERYBODY has REPEATEDLY seen the MAGIC Kaito is capable of doing every time they see him, why is Haibara being skeptical when Conan tries to bring up the subject of 'magic' as the reason she won't see him again until NEXT year? *lol*
8/25 c1 Sakura Lisel
Wait... So unless the whole magic thing is a side effect of the 'poison' pill, WHY is he suddenly NOW a wizard at the age of 'eleven' when he obviously WASN'T a wizard back when he was eleven the FIRST time around? *lol*
8/24 c1 25543mj
As soon as a saw that a crossover like this existed, my first thought was “I wonder how everyone would react when Fred and George fail to cross over the age line and then out of nowhere, Conan just strides up to the goblet like he owns the thing!”
8/24 c3 24GreenTea4062
Ahh I've waited for this. Let's get sorted, Shin, um, I mean, Conan-kun!
7/21 c2 3almp15
I find the story concept very interesting and I can't wait to see where you decide to take the story. Love it so far and can't wait for an update.
7/4 c2 James Birdsong
Good two chapters certainly
7/5 c2 24GreenTea4062
Oh my goodness, you just... you potray Conan's reactions/thoughts just right! It flow so wellaghhh, I can't get enough of this! This is so... so amazing. Thank you.
6/5 c1 GreenTea4062
This is a first! Thank you for writing and sharing this!
6/5 c1 1Oblivious Munchies
Love this!It has a good start :) Can’t stop imagining Conan being totally unimpressed with Draco’s behaviour and his oi oi every time the Golden Trio decide to do something reckless
6/2 c1 3Rossmonster1

Everyone else had all the gosho boys (with Conan as Shinichi), had Harry in Japan, and/or just did an AU where DC characters went to Hogwarts, so thanks for this!
6/1 c1 SkylerHollow
Seems like a very fun story idea, personally loving the image of 7yr. old Conan running around trying to help the Golden Trio with all the crud happening at Hogwarts.

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