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6/7 c2 11Elogane
Oooh, Cross doesn't know he feels like a father towards Allen... Haha, there will be some fighting with Mana then, Allen is so sweet everybody can't help but love him ! But it seems the gears are turning, Neah's back (yay, he's not possessing Allen this time !), Cross remembers, but I wonder where is Mana ? Is he still the Millenium Earl since 1000 years ago, or did he forget yet again ? Keep writing, I'll be there to read !
Elogane ~
6/7 c1 Elogane
Ooooh, sounds really interesting right now... Keep writing, I'm impatient to know what happen next !
Elogane ~
6/3 c1 anindividual
pretty cool beginning

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