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for A Future With You

1/19 c9 1BlueDragon014
I love the story so far. I get the sense that both Damian and Jon slightly know her internal struggles. I wonder if Liam has an ulterior motive. Will Raven explode from her struggles or will she finally tell Damian or someone?
1/5 c9 1KurooB
just found this and loving it...i hope they resolved it...and i wonder if jon like raven?
11/21/2021 c9 xxNightSkysViewxx
Im good, you can do whatever you want and feel comfortable with... I'm looking forward the next chapter...I really want to know what's wrong with Raven. .
11/19/2021 c9 4RTraylor77
Perfect. Can't wait to see how they spend their 3 days together 3 I'm okay with sex scenes.
10/10/2021 c8 xxNightSkysViewxx
Since the beginning of this book I've been having this bad feeling regarding Raven's emotional state...
Why do I feel, that she lost the half of her soul?
Why do I feel that she is not complete?
10/10/2021 c8 Edem18
Me encanta. Los sentimientos de los personajes se transmiten perfectamente, se puede sentir la angustia de Raven y el amor de Damián que aún es ignorante de los sentimientos de Raven.
8/20/2021 c7 xxNightSkysViewxx
I honestly don't understand what is wrong with her ...and every time a read another chapter I always end up more worried about her
11/18/2020 c4 candycandy2020
gran capitulo no puedo esperar para ver como va la charla de raven y damian
9/26/2020 c3 Blazama
u will update it ,right?
7/11/2020 c3 candycandy2020
gracias por el nuevo capitulo muy buena historia no puedo esperar al siguiente capitulo
6/10/2020 c2 Dell 39 Clues
This is getting interesting! I’m excited to see what happens next!
6/9/2020 c2 1TheDumberScaramouche
I love your work, and don't worry I like it! your great at writing books! Can't wait for the next chapter! UwU
6/8/2020 c1 TheDumberScaramouche
I have always shipped Raven and Damien ever since Teen Titans vs Justice League, cause when they were at the theme park it looked like they had a connection.

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