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19h c43 7Awesome ax10
Well let me be the first to say this...THIS CHAPTER WAS MY WAKE UP CALL!

Kurea vs Freya: I liked this match as it gave me more insight about Freya's prowess in the ring thus making future matches of her easier to write and think about, she feels a lot like giants such Andre and Yokozuna. This match also made me think about Cleopatra as she was her debut opponent making them a good rivalry for my submission championship. I'm getting off track here so let's talk about the match like I said this match was better than I thought or envisioned, one thing clear I should have been in favor of Kurea even though I was confident in Freya and she showed why but I digress as Kurea managed to pick a win here.

Queen Bee vs Hornet: This match was another long awaited one and it didn't disappoint, Bee wearing her old gym jacket was a nice touch as well as how Hornet kept reminding her of her failures which went overdrive when Kaito was held hostage by the League of evil but thankfully he's used to it as he told Bee to continue. The match was epic with Hornet cheating before the match even starts and using Kaito as a bargaining chip until Bee found her footing towards victory and it seems the enzuigiri is Bee's new finisher and if that's so the name should be the 'Queen's sting'. It gives me reassurance that Bee at least crossed a name from her list here as you can tell from the end of my chapter she's going to have her side-story in the current arc about crossing names. So on other notes it appears Clementine knows their relationship making me think how Clementine and Bee would become friends in Girmov.

Sayuri Rogue vs Misaki Toyoda: Next to the previous one this was another match I was looking forwards to and it was worth waiting for. The way they traded back control (despite Sayuri being the dominant one), their respective crowds and roster members cheering them on like the previous one it was a nice touch referencing a past between them like the figure-four leg lock. I admit I was expecting Misaki to win for Berserk especially after Hornet's gambit failed but I digress and it seems Berserk will join this Pandora project that already has Tina in it making me excited.

So like I expected Kanae asked for another date but the location is a secret, hmm I think I have another good idea where?

The interview between you and Natsuki was nice and it's my absolute honor that I triggered this story and met you as a fellow writer so I should be thanking you for reading Girmov and supporting it making that fic have a greater place in my heart aside from being the first story I written. So all of these ideas sound nice and I'm looking forwards to them all.

I have to ask is Pandora and Xtrema against the world the same event or different ones?
Because I was under the impression their one.

Aside from that what you know when Kaito was featured here I began thinking about a similar story about a male jobber in a female wrestling federation harem genre.

So we'll have an alternate story featuring Bee? that's nice.
22h c43 67Foxboy614
Another good chapter, my friend.

And I look forward to seeing your alternate take with Queen Bee in another fanfic. You'll have to let me know when you post it.
1/16 c42 Foxboy614
Glad to see my girl Sakura toughing it out.

I can honestly say I expected the Hirano sisters to lose. Still, they fought well.

Once again, another good chapter. I also wanna hear the Hirano sisters brag to Yoshi.
1/16 c42 7Awesome ax10
Well that was quite the chapter, let's go ahead and review:

Carly X vs Sakura Hagiwara: The meeting the two had before the match was in character for both of them and how Carly put Sakura down to the point the Idol needed to cheer herself up. The match was incredible with Carly being the far superior of the two but Sakura kept fighting to the end which was really small, the match was good and I immediately got hooked with the pace of the action but I can't help but feel the match was cut way too short when we were getting to the good parts. Aside from that the second meeting between them thankfully made up for it and it's great how Carly basically became Sakura's temporary mentor as I never thought the two having a lot of things in common despite being completely different.

The Hirano sisters vs The Daughters of Darkness: I liked how the two sisters actually showed some regret picking their opponents showing they have a trait they share with their brother but La Calavera was thankfully there for strategy support. The match was also incredible with the two teams trading holds and moves as well as tags along with pin disturbance, the fact Selena used the Twilight insults to her advantage was something I didn't expect especially since Calavera told them to refrain from mentioning it. This makes me curious about when will Maria and Calavera meet?

Clementine Cirrus vs Digger Yamamoto: I liked this match but I can't help but feel the matches before it were better, Clementine clearly had the advantage as Digger and her goons cheated all the way in to outright knocking the ref out.

The meeting between Bee and Hornet here was better than what I have written, the Insect puns Hornet made were gold despite what Bee thinks of them and Hornet as a whole especially.

The interview with Midnight was nice as it opened up some stuff I wish I had known sooner like how the Daughters of Darkness formed or the fact one of her prides was the original Xtreama champion. Her thoughts about Kaito does open a few ideas and it was hilarious how she insulted Kanae and wanted to seduce Natsuki.

Wrestlers I'm interested to know more about and have an interview are: Calypso, The Skunk, Sam Hamilton and possibly Neko girl(just for laughs at her denial about her feelings at Kaito).

The chapter was a nice work and I'm extremely excited for the next one.
1/10 c41 67Foxboy614
Surprised by the first match.
Not so much the second.
DEFINITELY not the third.

I look forward to the next chapter.
1/10 c41 7Awesome ax10
Well this was a quick unexpected chapter, let's start reviewing:

Scarlette vs Chocho: This went a little longer than I anticipated, but then again seeing Chochco only lost 5 times 2 of which to Misaki (A good record you came up with). The match reminded me a little bit of the Springer and Thunder Mana match in my latest chapter one was a light weight whom is a gymnast and the other is a power based heavy weight, but like I expected Scarlette won. Thanks to you I can use Chocho as a regular contender for the Heavyweight Girmov title.

Chinatsu vs Cleopatra: This had to be my favorite in this chapter with the way the two traded submission holds even though Cleo was more advanced in it. I also liked the bit were they went out of the ring, but I didn't expect Chinatsu to submit to the Sphinx riddle rather I expected she would refuse until she's knocked out.

Zelda Logan vs Rio Kazama: This was my second favorite match filled with reversals and references to Episode 6 of Wanna be the strongest in the world with Rio's cockiness and dismissal of Sakura's improvement and especially that finish which made think if Sakura would have lost to it if she didn't dodge and do the Sakura special.

Natsuki needs to stop making bets seeing how he lost a bet in my story to unnamed reporter and Kanae in this chapter (I think I have a good idea what she'll ask for).

That short interview was a good look at Cleopatra since she's one of the characters I like here and I decided to make her a regular contender for the Submission title in my fic.

I have to say I thought I was going to update before you since I started writing the new chapter which will hopefully be finished today or tomorrow. See ya there and keep up the good work.
1/4 c40 Awesome ax10
Yahoo. A new chapter and next we'll begin the Berserk vs Xtrema event. I didn't expect the press conference would take place in front of Berserk gym since from what we have seen from Wanna be the strongest in the world and Tiger mask W most of these take place on a larger stage, but considering the after-mentioned funds problem with Inoba it's understandable he can't afford a stage and doesn't want Sayuri to pay for him.

Sorry I just needed to say that. I liked the confrontation between the wrestlers before their respective matches with Chocho underestimating Scarlette (which is a big no since Scarlette was the second champion of Xtrema making Queen Bee the ace the only one above her since Sayuri doesn't compete for titles that is before losing the TV belt to Diaz). Cleopatra being thankful of Chinatsu putting her in a match after a hiatus from the Skunk (Why didn't I think of Cleopatra as Chinatsu's opponent?). Zelda and Rio finding someone that takes wrestling seriously. Carly refusing to shake Sakura's hand which makes Scarlette mad at her, if only Carly can get a hint at her relation with Jason all she's doing right now is showing Scarlette how bad of a girlfriend she can be. I didn't expect Selena and Maya to challenge the Daughters of Darkness but then again considering their desire to prove themselves they would challenge a tag team of heels I'm just thankful they weren't dumb enough to challenge Diaz and Poison. Clementine irking Digger after the latter called her out. Freya and Kurea had a good punchline that's all I can say. Hornet keeps getting on Bee's nerves with that comment. Sayuri and Misaki being similar to Misaki and Jackal which is a nice touch since Jackal is Sayuri's main rival.

That flashback was brutal and this Kassidy Klaws sounds mad it'll be interesting writing her interactions with the current Miyabi roster in my fic and I'll be looking forwards to when she returns.

Having Kaito in the short was unexpected and his comment about running from the heels was nice, in my shorts I'll mostly use him just as an entertainment short rather than content short.

Now let's predict the matches:

Scarlette vs Chocho: Like stated above unless Chocho enters this fight seriously and prepared Scarlette got this in the bag.

Cleopatra vs Chinatsu Suzumuto: Well I'll give Cleopatra the advantage considering she's better at submissions than Chinatsu.

Zelda Logan vs Rio Kazama: This's a tough chioce to make since Zelda is a strong combatant in combat academies and Rio is one of the toughest girls in Wanna be the strongest in the world so I'll play it safe and put 50/50.

Carly X vs Sakura Hagiwara: Well everyone that's aware of Wanna be the strongest in the world timeline which you set up knows who the winner will be, but I was thinking about how surprised Carly is going to get when Sakura refuses to give up to her holds not to mention even before her rematch with Rio Sakura was still tough that the lack of a finisher is what made her lose.

The Daughters of Darkness vs The Hirano sisters: Well I'll give the advantage to Midnight and Azraella here but the Hirano sisters might surprise me.

Clementine Cirrus vs Digger Yamamoto: This fight seems to be even since Clementine is a powerhouse but Digger not only is a heavyweight but would have the League of evil goons with her in ringside makes this match unpredictable at best.

Freya vs Kurea Komiyama: Now why didn't I think of this match up? Anyway like the Zelda and Rio one I'm going 50/50 here even though I'm more confident in Freya.

Queen Bee vs Hornet: Now this's another main event worthy match, hopefully this time Bee would defeat her adversary and avenge her gym unlike with Elizabeth. Because I don't want to imagine the depression she'll feel that she's still below her tormentors.

Sayuri Rogue vs Misaki Toyoda: Now this here is a main event match if anyone ever sees one I know I just know this fight will be the best or second best in this event regardless of who the winner will be since there are a lot of factors that makes each one a winner in their own right.
1/3 c40 67Foxboy614
I imagine Chocho may win the first match if Scarlette goes in there too overconfident.

Chinatsu may be less experienced than Cleo, but Cleo may have a bit of rust, if I read correctly.

Rio, hopefully, will mop the floor with Zelda (though that's likely bias towards her on my part).

The DoD may have experience, but perhaps the youthful Hirano sisters could work in unison to pull out a victory. Unlikely, but we'll see.

Clementine may win if she can get Digger cross enough to make a mistake (human wrecking ball XD)

Not sure about Freya and Kurea, though Kurea seems almost as savage as Rio in the ring.

Queen Bee may have a shot if she can keep her head calm.

And I don't know how the ending match will play out.
12/31/2020 c39 Foxboy614
Not bad, my friend.

Also, have you found a final combatant?
12/30/2020 c39 7Awesome ax10
Wow, I didn't expect a chapter this early after the latest update. Again I could never complain about this.

I didn't expect we'll get a scene about Tiger the great. The confrontation between him and Miyako was spot on with the way they fought and him acknowledging her by giving her a mask. I'll make sure to take note of this confrontation to use it in my story since I was thinking about Miyako's debut in the story (debut as she makes her appearance rather than a wrestling debut).

The way Dawn and Kaito discussed her new finisher was interesting and I'm looking forwards to see her new finisher. I admit when we got to this scene I expected that it'll have something to do with Miyako since she broke into GWM locker room.

Sayuri's trip to Berserk was mostly uneventful, but we did get some good things out of it like your finally doing that Berserk vs Xtrema idea and that the Hirano sisters are already present their.

Finally this Chibi short was adorable, when you said you'll use Chibi's in your story I didn't expect we'll get one immediately.

As for help I was thinking that Sakura's match should be against one of these members: Calypso, Sam Hamilton, Mantis, Carly X, Starla, Isabella (if there not in the tag match against the Hirano sisters), Cleopatra is good if you ask me and the Skunk.

As for the ninth Berserk wrestler I was thinking about using Arcana Hearts characters like Heart Aino and Saki Tsuzara (Information in tv tropes or even the fandom, you can even look them up in youtube). Or you can use the ones I named as Berserk Wrestlers in my fic chapter 29 where I was naming the tag and six women tournaments. Or I'll try to name some of the girls:

The blonde one with closed eyes who helped in the throws and gave Sakura a loss in the third episode first montage named Tsukuyo.

The giant black haired one with a red bandanna and black two piece in the beginning of episode three named Chocho.

The short blue haired one wearing the yellow leotard that pulled Sakura's hair during the 100 throws and made her submit in the third episode in the night of Misaki's match named Hikari.

The giant pink haired one in the beginning of episode three after the opening theme named Hiyori.

The short purple haired one in episode three who appeared in the end of the first defeat montage wearing the orange leotard named Langley.

Well that's all I can think of hopefully it'll be helpful.
12/24/2020 c38 Awesome ax10
And that's wraps up the Christmas special:

Mantis vs La Calavera vs Kyoko Natsumi vs Black Swan: This was an incredible King of the mountain match(Actual reverse ladder match name) or I should say the Queen of the Christmas tree match. As I suspected Mantis and Swan had the advantage due to their acrobatic maneuvers, the fact the tree had weak and strong branches was a nice touch and another nice touch was La Calavera wishing a nice holiday for Swan. In the end Mantis won which was a good call even though I wouldn't have complained about who won as it's way better than a no contest.

Clementine Cirrus vs N-Bomb: I loved this strap match between these different versions of power houses (one with muscular power and one with girth power), it was equally back and forth between the two as they rung their respective bells in the same order which is different than my strap match which is understandable since bells don't have indications. Clementine really earned this victory and this match would be a good text book for when these two clash in my story.

Neko girl vs Sam Hamilton vs Freya vs Midnight vs Jasper Jones: This match went against my expectations I was thinking the entire time where's Midnight's brides and Mewlie (the latter I can say because of Scarlette's punishment). But I understand since this type of a match up is already tough and I liked you're idea that everyone knows that someone has the belt, the scramble for it was entertaining and the conclusion is something I never saw coming go Sam.

MVP: So I bet Kaito is breathing in a huge sigh of relief since Freia only came at third (which was pretty close if you ask me), Bee incredibly had beaten Freia in the ratings saving her boyfriend regardless if she was second or first. Scarlette was the winner when I expected her to be second place at the highest (I really hope you didn't make her win just because of my comments since it'll make me feel bad that I'm shoving myself into your story) and her request only made her a better mother than she already was, even though Jason doesn't know it.
12/14/2020 c37 Awesome ax10
Alright just one more chapter yahoo, the matches quality were as good as ever:

Scarlette vs Mewlie: I loved this match it was unexpected in both the fight itself and the results. Scarlette showed she's good regardless if she used a weapon or not while Mewlie was so caught up in her Heel tactics she let the match stipulation go over her head. I also liked the Grinch and the three ghosts of Christmas references. This match is my favorite in this chapter and Scarlette better be second place of MVP (if she doesn't be MVP) from reading this fight (I'm not sure how the rest of the fights will go). On other side notes Mewlie's pun was terrible and hopefully will not be read again.

Willow vs Calypso: Yeah I'm with you on that one this match was terrible (it was good but terrible compared to the other two) but I liked the way the match went even though it was extremely limited. Too bad for Willow though three specials in a row where she doesn't get to be MVP and two of them being a no contest (I don't know if this's better of keeping face by not losing or worst that she didn't technically win).

Team Spirit vs Thunder Mana and Carly X: Well this match went as I predicted but there were spots I didn't predict like when Mana saved Carly when she was being double teamed, or the fact Team Spirit managed to double team Mana. But in the end the Tiger and Mana won (I think either Atlantis force or the Daughters of Darkness would put on more of a challenge as Diaz and Poison would have won through Poison's cheap tactics and Diaz's tendency to go all out of control).

All in all another great chapter.
12/4/2020 c36 Awesome ax10
Alright one chapter down two to go, this was better than I expected then again you always make things better:

Platinum Mask vs The Skunk: I really like this match it was better than expected especially when the Skunk used a Keijo move.

Kaito Marx vs Freia Kagami: This was my favorite match in this chapter and It was quite funny to read. Kaito better pray that someone else becomes the MVP.

Queen Bee vs Mercy: As I expected Bee was the winner not to mention the way she dominated the match is something I didn't expect then again considering her bae is in trouble she needed to do it.

I'm looking forwards to the next chapters keep it up.
12/1/2020 c35 Awesome ax10
Merry Christmastime to you pal and I hope you have a nice holiday. As for my predictions well:

Platinum Mask vs The Skunk: I'll bet on Platinum Mask given how you have been writing her so far.

Kaito Marx vs Freia Kagami: I'm thankful that at least one idea I proposed made it. It's really no brainer how's going to win here am I right? Still I know this bout well be comedy gold to read.

Queen Bee vs Mercy: I'll give the advantage to Bee being the ace and world champion yet I know this match is going to be hardcore.

Scarlette vs Mewlie: I like this match concept it matches that of the holiday. Given the rules though I'm in the favor of Mewlie but Scarlette won't go down easy.

Calypso vs Willow Powell: Another good concept. Calypso has the advantage here due to her dancing and capoeira style, but Willow is rather cheap hopefully (For Willow) this match doesn't end up being a no contest like the summer one.

Team Spirit vs Carly X and Thunder Mana: I like this take on capture the flag game, and I have rather mixed predictions here. Starla and Isabella have better chemistry and team work, but again their facing opponents with better variety not to mention Mana is more experienced as well as powerful.

Mantis vs La Calavera vs Black Swan vs Kyoko Natsumi: I believe this concept matches that suggestion about the ladder tree match I gave you, I'm not trying to sound egotistical but it sounds like you modified my idea like a good writer. I have no predictions here due to the amount of wrestlers but I would give the edge to either Mantis or Black Swan due to their high flying maneuvers.

Clementine Cirrus vs N-Bomb: This strap match is rather interesting and I believe Clementine would have the advantage due to her strength and perhaps borrow the strategy used against N-Bomb in the Halloween special.

Jasper Jones vs Freya vs Midnight vs Sam Hamilton: First I didn't expect Midnight wanting to take action in this holiday. Second like the previous fatal four way one above I don't have much predictions here due to each member having ways to win here: Jasper can easily power through most of the boxes. Freya can do similar stuff or feel it out. Midnight would have numbers in her side in the form of her brides. And finally Sam should be an expert to these kind of stuff.

Again Merry Christmas to you and everyone else that celebrates it.
11/5/2020 c34 Awesome ax10
Finally after two days the chapter finally appeared. The wait was worth it exciting matches and plot revelations:

Liza vs Python: I thought with her submission holds and how she was dominating the match that Python's victory was assured but you really surprised me with that anger boost, it seems anger is indeed a double edged sword.

Queen Bee vs Queen Elizabeth: Call me biased but this was the match I was looking for, I was at the edge of my seat while reading this with the brawls, the change of dominance(even though Elizabeth had the advantage most of the time), the way Bee implanted her emotions into her two sharpshooters that Elizabeth freed herself from and finally I didn't expect that interference from the league of evil at the end of the match. Thankfully Clementine, La Calavera, Team Spirit and Kaito came for the rescue.

Mana vs N-Bomb: I really liked the intensity of the match even though I felt like the previous one should have been the one to close the show. Still it was good and it seems the Killer Kitties will continue harassing Mana along with Carly.

That backstage confrontation between Elizabeth and Bee was emotional and showed how much Bee had grown while Elizabeth easily got angry over it, However it seems someone from Bee's past is coming to join Xtrema.

I'll wait for the next updates as well as that Christmas special, till next time.
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