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for Looking Over Our Shoulders

7/1/2020 c7 1PhantomMist202
Holy... This chapter gives me chills. Like I'm actively freaking out right now. Wow. You're an excellent writer. Than scene was just as good as the one Horrowitz wrote for Jack's "death". Well done.
6/20/2020 c7 6Wraith and Demjin
Oh. Poor Alex. That seems like it will cause some serious and potentially permanent damage to his feet. I wonder how he will manage to get out of this. Or maybe he will be rescued. I’ll be excited to find out. Thanks for updating! :)
6/20/2020 c6 Wraith and Demjin
This chapter was perfect! I loved Alex’s first meeting with Sally and Paul and Estelle. I think it would be adorable for Paul to sit Alex down and have a more serious talk. I wonder when they’ll find out about the spying and alternately the demigod stuff. Or even if they will. Great chapter thanks for the chapter! :)
6/20/2020 c5 Wraith and Demjin
Amazing chapter! Alex has so many raw emotions here, and I’m so glad that Percy was able to save him. The two boys are starting to gain a real friendship relationship, and Percy is doing an amazing job at trying to help Alex our is his present mental state. Thanks for the chapter! Sorry, I haven’t been able to read and review for a couple weeks, but I’m back now. :)
6/20/2020 c7 SilverBlizzard05
I really don't know if its a good thing or it makes me the bad guy but I really enjoyed reading this.
Review soon!
6/8/2020 c6 Carrot Lord
Sorry it’s taken me so long to review. Anyway, onto the actual review now.
I loved this chapter; it was full of lovely moments, and that moment when Alex was holding Estelle was really beautiful. I love how, even in lighthearted chapters like this, you still add little bits to show that PTSD is there all the time. I really loved all the dynamics in this chapter, and it was nice to see Percy and his mom (and Paul) because who doesn’t love Percy’s mom? Also, the bonus scene was a nice little read and brought a smile to my face :)
6/6/2020 c5 Carrot Lord
This chapter was perfect. Something about the way it started, and then how it ended...I really can’t explain it. It was incredibly beautiful at the end as well, in an extremely sad way, and having gone through patches where I’ve wanted out, then this chapter hit really hard. Sometimes fanfiction authors have an incredibly important chapter and the kind of follow up chapter isn’t any good, but this was brilliant. Overall, brilliant chapter, and I’m looking forward to reading more :).
6/4/2020 c4 3DaisyLynn21
I wonder if this works. Lol. Review myself.
6/2/2020 c4 6Wraith and Demjin
I’m very relieved that you put this story back up. I was worried for a minute there. :) thanks for coming back!
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