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9/18 c35 Valli1312
What a wonderful story! Thank you so much, I’ve been reading this these past three days and it made me so happy. I sm glad they’ve got their happy ending ️
7/29 c35 13Bonnie Celt
Best Fili romance fic EVER! I don't want it end! I would read stuffings out of a everday/domestic fic based on this little universe!
7/7 c1 TheTwelfth
I really enjoyed your story. The development of Bella and Fili’s relationship was incredibly sweet. I hope you write more Hobbit fan fiction in the future!
7/6 c35 SuperWhoVenger214
Ahhhh...love! Love, love, love! This was a fantastic ending!
7/5 c35 13Aslan's Princess
Oh-ho! That was perfect! I suspected almost from the start, but I wasn't sure how far along she could be. Oo! This little pebble is going to be spoiled when he/she arrives.

I loved this story from beginning to end. And I look forward to hearing more stories. :-)
7/5 c34 Aslan's Princess
Oh! That was all so beautifully sweet. I loved the wedding details, the quiet moments between Bella and Tauriel, Dis, and Dwalin before the ceremony.

Of course Fili and Kili are always looking out for each other.

Oo! If Bella and Fili are sharing more stories with you, I would love to hear them. As well as Kili and Tauriel's wedding. I'm sure that could turn out very interesting.
7/4 c33 Aslan's Princess
So happy to see Bella settling in well. And being embraced by the whole mountain, Erebor herself and the dwarven people.

Unfortunately there always has to be the black spot. But Bella handled it all very graciously.

Oo, I'm looking forward to the wedding. And might the epilogue include children? Guess I'll just have to wait and see. :-)
7/2 c32 Aslan's Princess
Ah, everyone is finally home. And now the toughest part of healing can begin for the Durins, especially Thorin. Fili and Dwalin have technically already started, but yeah.

So happy to see Bella getting along so well with Dis.

Looking forward to whatever you have planned next.
7/2 c32 Angry Bunny Ink
I eagerly await ea. chapter. Thank you for all your hard work. I love this story.
7/2 c32 SuperWhoVenger214
Love! That went even better than I'd imagined it! I love how she and Dis synced up right away, and her words to Thorin made me tear up too! Fabulous!
7/1 c31 Aslan's Princess
Loved seeing Fili and Bella growing in their relationship, learning to communicate. :-) And also learning to understand their cultural differences.

Oh, dear. Kili should never be allowed to get drunk. Well, unless you wish to have a potential clown around.

Ah, Mirkwood is healing nicely, and the final spiders are being dealt with excellent.

Looking forward to seeing these reunions. Is it cruel to anticipate Dis slapping her brother for his unseemly behavior? ;-)
6/30 c30 SuperWhoVenger214
OMG...that ending! I'm not crying, you're crying! So freaking sweet. I love me some teddy bear Dwalin!
6/30 c30 Aslan's Princess
Aw! Bella got a father again and Dwalin gets a daughter. There is just something about people choosing/adopting family that is especially sweet.

Well, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from the dinner with Lobelia and Otho. But that was a pleasant surprise. And they all got the Sackville-Baggins stamp of approval. At least they got approval from somewhat respectable hobbits, even if they seem to be a fan favorite for bestowing grief upon.

With everything moving along so quickly and smoothly, I guess the journey to the restored Erebor will be starting sometime during the next chapter. Looking forward to it (and any fluff you decide to add from Bella/Fili or Tauriel/Kili).
6/30 c29 Aslan's Princess
Oh, dear. That tactless lass certainly ruffled Bella's feathers. Though one can't necessarily blame her for being as jealous of her One as a dwarf is their greatest treasure. And now, she'll just need some time to cool off.

Either Bella was thinking fast on her feet with Lobelia, or she had already considered these questions in advance. And it is all close enough to the truth, especially considering how the Valar worked.

And I don't blame Bella for suspecting a dream. She was just needing that long cry. She has held that in all winter and more. But at least she is surrounded by her family once again and everything will eventually be fine.
6/30 c28 Aslan's Princess
Aw! The reunion was beautiful! My little, happy, romantic heart was flying for them. And the Company is starting to remember. Yeah!

Loved this chapter, loved the reunions and bonding. Even some of the sibling bickering, both blood and soon-to-be marriage.

Oh, I am looking forward to seeing Bella and Fili courting again as they travel back to Erebor.
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