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8/31 c9 citylily
Great part! Fits seamlessly with the episodes. Am guessing the Abigail for Jules is Scott, right?
8/5 c8 citylily
I liked how Jules has all those revelations about Shawn after seeing him in action (he really is amazing). That moment when she asks him out will always be super emotional. Curious to see her thoughts in the aftermath.

That's good that she didn't take his outburst in the office to heart.
7/30 c7 2itsfridaysomewhere
great chapter!
7/24 c7 citylily
Loved the part! How you write Jules progressively falling for Shawn is so realistic and fitting with the show. The way she observed Shawn and how she began to appreciate aspects about him more deeply was good.. That part in the football episode always makes me laugh. Loved the inclusion of April from Six Feet Inder the Sea. And I liked the scene here where she sought some advice from him- Shawn's comments about Gus' job and his flirting were totally in character.

This was great setup for An Evening with Mr. Yang.
7/2 c6 itsfridaysomewhere
loved it!
6/27 c6 citylily
Ooh nice chapter! I feel for Jules, because I don't think it's fair to say she was leading him on during the couples skate. Her thoughts about Cameron and Shawn and the end were good and believable to her starting to consider Shawn more seriously. I cannot wait until the football episode hehehehhe. That scene when she checks him out and the other player is laughing at how he's posturing to her greatly amuses me and then the shoulder tap Shawn proceeds to do with that player cracks me up! Hahah
6/26 c6 2TB12
6/18 c5 citylily
Been waiting for Jules' perspective on the Bounty owHunters very close talking moment. I like how you described her thoughts- the confusion and negotiation in it is very realistic. I also like the inclusion of Jules' thoughts that Shawn is good with words. She brings that up multiple times in the show (most significantly in the scene in An Evening with Mr Yang episode- definitely looking forward to how you depict her thoughts for the episode.)

Thanks for this new part!
6/16 c5 6Y-T3cH
awesome chap. a question though. are you going to strictly follow cannon? Or are you going to make a divergence? it would be cool if they got together after yin yang case.

You see when I came across your story a week ago, i was rewatching the series. and a combination of both, i guess inspired me. I have started writing a psych SI. Finished 5-6 chaps, but its not going to see the light of day, unless I have someone working on it with me. I am posting the first chapter here. Tell me if you are intrested on working on this together.

.Chapter 1 – The Insertion

Takes place a two days before S03e16
I woke up one morning and realized that this was my third life. I had lived two lives before this. One as Richard Hedricks and one as Chuck Bartowski. I have retained all the knowledge and skills from those lives as well. Not just about future events but also the spy skills and the insane computer skills that Shawn didn’t have.
The morning I woke up, I spent the whole day in my apartment trying to come terms with my new life. Assimilating all my new memories and remembering the relationships I had with the people in this life.
The thing was despite of previous life influences, the personality of Shawn Spenser was still dominating. So I still going to be behaving like a coffee rush feeling chipmunk most of the time. Might as well, this was supposed to be the fun life before the real hard ones come on.
An as an additional boon, when ROB put me in this life, he told me I am going to be a real psychic. But for entertainment value, he is going to scrub, most details from the show that I remember. So I will actually have to put effort in solving the cases.
So I tried to spend the rest of the day trying to get a handle on my powers. Though I didn’t have much success.
The next day, I was supposed to meet Gus for breakfast at a restaurant. So I just went to sleep.
When I woke up, I was shivering with the feeling of today going to be a very difficult day.
So I woke up late and saw it was December 8th , 2009 and the time was 11 am. I also saw about a dozen miscalls from Gus. Yeah he is going to be pissed.
An hour and a half later we were sitting in a beach front restaurant with Gus berating me for being so irresponsible.
Then the waitress came and I couldn’t help but feel how attractive she was. Instinctually the Shawn part of my personality started flirting.
“Hey, can I get you guys anything else before I close this check out?” The beautiful waitress with an even more beautiful smile asks.

Look up at her from my seat, I say, “As a matter of fact, you can.

My partner, Trapezius Milkington, would like to see something in a Belgian waffle.”
Gus already rolling his eyes says, “Shawn, it's 12:30. I do not want waffles or eggs or Malt-O-Meal.”
Giving Gus a stink eye for not playing along I say, “All right. What would you recommend?”
“Oh, my gosh! If you're going to do this, I'm going to the bathroom. Excuse me.”, Gus said with a huff throwing his napkin on the table and going to the bathroom.
“Don't mind him. His bladder's probably smaller than yours.”, The girl is already smiling at my joke. Progress!
“Now go ahead, and take my taste buds on a fantastical journey.”, I continue with a wiggle of my eyebrows and flashing my charming smile.
“I don't know... I like the burgers.”
Let’s have a little fun shall we? “Ah, ah, ah. I'm sorry, I should have told you.
Only rule, it can't be something that someone would order for lunch. Keep in mind, we want to go off script here.”
Now the waitress is grinning as well, as she says, “Okay, I see. Well, in that case I would recommend the pumpkin pancakes with a side of lingcod.
Does that work?”, she asked oo so innocently with a grin plastered on her face flirting back.
“Let's get married.”, she snikers at my prompt reply.
”You don't even know me!”
“Oh, really! Allow me to introduce yourself.
Jetta girl, maybe green.
Backseat loaded with empty Pinkberry cups.”, I say challengingly.
“Oh, my God!
I drive a Jeep.
A black Jeep.” She says crashing my hope and observation. I click my tongue in disappointment. But then she salvaging says, “But you're dead-on with the Pinkberry.”
“So what do you think? Should we set a date or what?”, I ask grinning.

“Mmm, I'll think about it. Fair enough?”, she replies with an equal amount of grin as she walks away, her hips swaying for my benefit.
“Mmm-hmm.”, I say looking at her alluring backside.
“Let me guess. She's considering your proposal of marriage?”, Guys says, sitting back down on his chair.

“How could you possibly know that?”, I ask with a raised eyebrow.
“Shawn, you use that same tired-ass routine on every other waitress that serves us.”, Gus says disapprovingly.
“And by count it has worked 17 times so far. And when I say ‘worked’, I mean ‘WORKED’, it you get what I am saying.”, I reply wiggling my eyebrows.
“Really…? 17 times?”, Gus asked a little surprised and a little jealous.
“My point still stands, you're going to be 80 years old and still shamelessly hitting on waitresses.
Is that what you want?”
“Is that a trick question?”
“What do you think?”
“What I think is, like you, I am too trying to find the one. But neither of us are going to succeed if we don’t take chances. Taking chances means going on dates. The only way to find dates, unless you are sad and pathetic enough to resort to online dating is too….Flirt.”, I said silencing my best friend from this life.
Even though he seemed to agree, not wanting to lose face he huffed and looked away.
“Despite what you say, you never stick around with these girls for more than one date or one night stands. Despite all your talk about risk, you have yet to take a genuine risk, when it comes to your love life.”, Gus said trying to get the last word in.
“Is that Right hitch, watch this.”, I said taking my phone out my pocket and throwing caution to the wind.
“Juliet O’Hara. Jud Nelson.”
“Shawn stop playing, is that really Juliet?”, gus said panicking. I completely ignored him.
“Shawn is that you?”
“Don’t be ridiculous. Look clearly we have something between us. You have seen the way I look at you and I have seen you stealing glances looking at me.
I was thinking, that we should throw caution to the wind and get to gather, to figure this thing out that is going on between us.”
“Why on earth would you think that’s a good idea?”, Juliet asked from other side of the line.
“Oh, I don’t know. Because the moment I saw you in that dinner two years ago, I felt wow, that girl is gorgeous. Then I found out, you were a cop and I started working cases with you. When I saw you talking with people, I saw what a kind soul you were. All the times I have seen you chasing down bad guys and taking them down, only one thing come to my mind, that is the most beautiful and strong willed woman I know.
And I have had enough with pussy footing. The ball is your court now Jules. You want to find out where this thing leads?”, I asked with confidence that can be built only after multiple lives of dating.
Gus on the other hand was panicking with his hands on his head and a scared expression on his face.
I did nothing to ease his tension. His face was just too funny.
“You really mean that?”, I heard jules ask in a small voice.
“Every word.”
She coughed to get her voice back under control as she said, “So just us? Sitting on a table? Having dinner?”
“Hopefully a corner booth. Jules, what is happening here is that I am asking you out on a proper date.”
“Yes. I will go on a date with you. But right now I am about to enter the station. How about you call me at lunch and we will fix a time and place.”, Jules said with a happiness in her voice that only trained ears could detect.
“Um…Yea. Yes. Done.”, I tell Jules letting out a breath I didn’t know I was holding, while I laughed a little.

“I hope you are not doing this just to prove a point. She is a real person you know.”, Gus said as we were moving towards the Psych office.
“I know. And you know that I like her.”, I tell Gus.
“I know Shawn, but what if it doesn’t work between you two? How will it affect our work with the police department?”
“Think positive my friend.”
Just then an unexplainable feeling hit shawn.
“My phone is going to ring. Its going to be chief Vic asking me to come down to the station.”, I said abruptly stopping on the stop.
“What? What the hell are you talking about?”, Gus asked.
He looked shocked and so did I. I answer the phone and put it on speaker.
“Shawn, get down here. Now! I am not asking!”, Captain Vic said disconnecting the call.
We looked at each other but neither of us spoke.
“We received the letter an hour ago from the Yin-Yang Killer. The letter has been authenticated. Pay close attention”, Captain Vic said surrounded by most of the station during the case brief. All the faces in the department were grim, thinking about dealing with the Yin-Yang serial killer.
Then Lassiter read out the letter that was being projected on the screen.
“He is looking for a new challenger. That’s what he does.”, Chief Vic said.
Lassiter tried to make it seem that Yang was calling him out as challenger but then Vic showed my picture on the screen.
My thoughts, ‘Fuck’.
“What do we have on his description.”
“Nothing, we don’t know his age, ethnicity or physical description. He has always been careful. The harsh truth is that this is his game. A game no has been able to beat yet. A game we have no choice but to play.”
As she says that she is dragged away to answer a call from Mayor about the current crisis.
Then I get another feeling.
“Wait I am sensing something. I am sensing that there are two people in this room, closely associated with our killer. I think one of them is… That guy.”, I said pointing to a guy sitting in a chair with his legs raised up.
Jules takes me by the elbow and tells me that is Marry Lightly, a Yin-Yang expert and his credentials.
I acknowledge it but there is still a feeling that there is someone else in the room. Someone else that is very close to the killer.
But then within a minute the feeling is gone. Or maybe the person.
Then Marry briefs us on the riddle that Yang has sent.
“She serves the general well today, who’s soldiers wait to die. In a white river they shall pay, for them she will not cry. Who is she?”, Juliet reads the riddle aloud for everyones benefit.
“Now he sent a stop watch that is counting down. According to the stop watch we have 1hr 10 minutes to figure out the riddle or she dies.
Now remember, this riddle will relate to Shawn. It will be tailor made for him. Taunting him for not being able to save the girl.”, Marry said to everyone present in the room.
“Shawn, are you getting any visions? Thought?”, Juliet asked concerned.
The answer was none so far. Then I started concentrating on the riddle and pushing my new psychic powers to give me something.
General…Genera… General Mills… Breakfast… Where did we have breakfast today.
“Oh Fuck! It’s the waitress!”, I said running out of the station with Guys and the cops following me. As I was leaving I could see my dad storming into the station. He tried to stop me but I paid no mind.
I sat into Gus’s car and I could see Jules and Lassiter sitting in theirs ready to follow us.
“Gus drive to the breakfast place. It’s the waitress that took our order. She is the one that has been taken!”, I tell Gus.
He doesn’t hesitate for a seconds and punches the gas.
When we arrive there, we find a second riddle in the waitress locker, along with a blood smeared Yin-Yang symbol.
“Little league is over, You just became a pro. Score a run, we will have more fun. Make sure you beat the throw.”, Lassiter reads the riddle out.
But my mind is racing a mile a minute. Yang is 5 steps ahead of us. He has been from the start. To catch him we need to be ten steps ahead.
“Come on spenser we need to solve the riddle.”, Lassiter says thrusting it towards me.
“In a minute. Look Jules, the girl he has taken was our waitress. I have never met her before in my life. So if he knew to take her then he was watching us.
Jules, I think he was here.”, I say flashing back into my memory. Then I see a woman with a black cap hiding behind a newspaper.
“Yang is not a he, it’s a she. I am 60% sure. Lassie, I bet you Gus’s car she is watching us right now. You need to get someone to canvas the area and get surveillance tapes. You also need to put surveillance team on us, while we are chasing her down. If we are lucky we will catch her in one of our surveillance photos.” Everyone surrounding me is shocked. But their shock is broken as Lassiter jumps into action and moves a few steps away, talking into the radio.
As soon as Lassiter is out of listening distance, I go to jules, and say, “Jules, before I called you I was flirting with the waitress. If he heard me flirting with her and took her. He definitely head me talking to you on the phone. You might be in danger.”, I tell Jules taking her hand in mine. She is obviously unhappy initially at my flirting with the girl but understands that’s not important right now.
“I will be careful.”, She says nodding her head, with a little fear visible on her face at the prospect of being targeted by a serial killer.
“Umm guys, we need to solve the riddle to get the next location.”, Marry reminds us.
“How much time do we have?”, Jules asks.
“17 minutes.”, Marry replies.
“Shawn think. Think, where is the next location.”, Gus says and I close my eyes and think.
‘Little league is over, You just became a pro. Score a run, we will have more fun. Make sure you beat the throw’
“Score a run. Beat the last throw. To beat the throw you need to get to the home plate. Home base. The next clue is in the police station.
She is playing with us. Jules Tell Captian Vic that Yang is at the station, probably delivering the next clue. Or she already has and is watching it right now.”, I tell looking at the gang.
“On it.”, Jules replies. “That’s some good detective work Spenser.” Lassiter replies grudgingly.
I couldn’t find it in me to say it was a vision.
Then I actually get a vision.
“Shawn!”, Gus catches me as I stumble.
“Lassie, Jules, Find the waitress’s car. It was a Jeep. We find the car, we find the girl.”, I tell them.
Lassie looks at one of the uniformed officers nearby as he says, “You heard the man. Put an APB out on the waitress’s car.”
“Check Motel Parking Lots.”, I say getting another vision.
“Dispatch, we need to send uniform officers to all motels within 10 mile radius to check for the victim’s car.”, Lassiter says into the radio.
“I think we should run to the station now.”, I tell everyone and we run to our cars.
As we reach the station, I find my mother waiting there for me. Telling me how my dad called her and how unhappy he is I am involved in this case. She sides with him citing the psych evaluations she had done on the cops that tried and failed to stop this psycho.
Even after that I somehow managed to convince her and then proceed to the conference room where the next clue is waiting. Karen is furious that a serial killer just waltz in and out of her station dropping the package.
It is a giant package covered in brown wrapping paper.
After solving two more clues, one of which included jumping into a running coal train, we were moving towards Santa Barbara Pierre. As we got out of the car and spotted the trash can where Gus had thrown the gum wrapper, I stopped everyone.
“Spencer we need to move, the clue is on the Pierre.”, Lassiter said lightly shoving me to get me moving.
“No no no. That is what he wants us to do. I bet he is watching us right now. But where is he. Where is he….”, I say and then I get another vision of binoculars and seeing myself from them standing near the trash can talking with Jules, Lassiter, Gus and Marry.
I was right he is watching us. But where is he watching us from? Then perception turns a little and I spot a chair. I know that chair. I own that chair.
I come out of the vision and tell Lassiter in the ear, “I just had a vision. Yang is in the psych office, watching us right now. Send officers by calling them on the phone. She is listening to police radio.”
Lassiter doesn’t reply, just moves away slowly from the group as I tell the rest to follow me to the Pierre.
I spot the Yin-Yang symbol on a homeless man’s blanket and a phone starts ringing from under his bench.
“Pick up shawn!”, Juliet urges but I don’t.
“He said we have 5 rings to pick up or the girl dies.”, Marry informs.
I shake my head and tell them, “He has been dicking us around this whole time. If we want to find him we can’t play by his rules.”
“Shawn what are you talking about?”, Juliet asked confused and scared.
I don’t reply, I just throw the phone into the river.
“You better hope that girl doesn’t die.”, Marry says with a serious face.
Lassiter comes running to us as he says, “You were right Spenser, Yang was in your office, she got away by the time officers barged in.”
We are in my office, and I was pissed off. This woman was playing with me. She was playing with the life of that innocent girl. Then Lassiter and Mary found another clue and stop watch.
“We need to go back to the station to wait for further instructions.”, Marry said deciphering the clue.
In Jules hand was the photo of the waitress, terrified and bound in a chair.
“No. I am done. Jules, give me that photo.”, I say taking the photo from her hand, closing my eyes and concentrating.
At first nothing happens, then I start getting flashes. Of her being chloroformed and abducted. Being taken in the boot of her own car. Dragged through the service entrance at under a maids cart to a room.
What’s the room number. Come on come on come on…. Then I see the room key, with the hotel name and room number on it.
As I come out of the vision, my nose is bleeding and I am being caught and stopped from falling by Lassie and Gus, while Jules has my face in the palm of her hands, asking me repeatedly if I am okay?
“Stonewall Hotel and Suites. Room 1863. The waitress is there. We need to get down there. Now.” I try to run but am stopped by Lassiter.
“Easy there Spenser, we are not going in there half cocked. SWAT is on standby, I am going to ask them to meet us there and we will go in together.”, Lassiter tells me and I cannot find it in myself to disagree.
“Good work Shawn. Very Good Work.”, Jules says caressing my cheek with worry written all over her face.
“Yes. Very interesting.”, Marry says looking at me as a scientist looks at a lab rat.
Gus on the other hand is confused and shocked at how I came up with that. Especially what was with the bleeding nose. I might have to tell him later that I now actually have psychic powers.
We find the girl in the room and alive. We also find a note tucked into her mouth.
“Shawn no longer wants to play. Stakes too low to make him stay.”, The moment he says that, I get a vision of my mother strapped with a bomb sitting in a car. Outside the car, I see many other cars with a movie playing out of with front wind shield.
“He has my mother!”, I say and collapse on a sofa. Jules and Guys are immediately near me.
“Shawn I promise you we will find your mom.”, Jules said looking in my eyes.
“I know, because I already know where she is.”
We reach the drive in theatre and are about to swarm it with SWAT.
“Spenser are you sure your mother is strapped?”, Lassie asks me looking in the eye.
“Yes. Now go and check the projector room. Have men for a perimeter. Tell the bomb squad to switch on the signal jammer.”, I said giving orders like the Director of CIA I was in my last life as Chuck Bartowski.
“Spencer you don’t give me orders.”, Lassiter said getting in my face visibly annoyed.
I didn’t think. I just reacted. I head butted Lassie right in the nose breaking it, “You bet your ass, I do today. Fire me after I am done saving my mother, but till then, you
6/11 c4 jgi85
Please write more. Love it
6/10 c4 citylily
I do love how you're weaving in the show episodes to fill in Juliet's perspectives on those scenes. Her finding 'bad at bowling' as a serious deal breaker seemed odd though. I always thought it was an excuse because Shawn got in her head in terms of the questionnaires and running into him at the bowling alley. Anyway, nice chapter and I like the slow start of Juliet realizing Shawn is more than what her first impression surmised about him.
6/10 c4 2itsfridaysomewhere
great chapter!
6/8 c3 citylily
Oh Juliet you are so wrong about Shawn. He comes across as shallow but when he cares, he cares deeply. Yeah his default is superficial interactions as a form of self-defense an to more easily keep things light and fun. I cannot wait to see her reaction when she sees him act seriously.

Your descriptions of how he flirted were great and totally fit in with the show. Hehe the baby oil line from Shawn vs Red Phantom made me smirk.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
6/4 c1 6Y-T3cH
Nice chapter. Intresting.
6/3 c2 2itsfridaysomewhere
loved it!
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