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for to die (and retry)

8/18 c2 aSleepyPenguin
This is how I imagine Izuku for some weird reason:
8/13 c9 28medusa
*Izuku maintains notes about his various deaths*

*notices that the recovery time begins slowly decreasing*
"Hmm, maybe if I practice dying every night I can get the death time and down to under an hour, maybe even a few minutes"

*notices that repeated death causes don't give as much benefit as the first occurrence*
*'Dumb Ways to Die' montage*

*notices that slower and more painful deaths give faster recovery times*
"Well this is gonna be fun"

Did I just write a fanfic for a fanfic?
8/12 c4 28medusa
This AU Deku feels like a crazy bastard and I am 100% here for it
8/12 c2 28medusa
This hits "morbid humor" perfectly
7/30 c9 19lovleydragonfly
7/30 c9 Shaedy Mo
Yeah... We're gonna need to see his results.
7/30 c9 Heroaki
I'm gonna keep this short since I'm super tired and ready to pass out. The story is good, There weren't any flaws that were obvious that I feel like need to be pointed out other than the title almost making me avoid it.
Overall I enjoyed it and want to see more. I'd give this a 7.3/10
7/30 c9 Entomoid
Stay Determined.
7/18 c8 6brasheril-holmestalentsmaster
Your story is amazing!

I really like the premise of it. Honestly, this kind of story doesn't really belong in this site as it does on AO3 (I say this, because right there is the focus place that has Izuku dealing with trauma/emotional/mental/ panic issues and etc the most, by the way, try and post it there, you'll get a lot of feedback) but that's fine. We, the readers from here, definitely don't mind.

Also this story reminds me of a few others I've read before: Nutrícula, Live a Hero and Secretly Quirkless (take a read at these three you won't regret it, even if they did with some implied slash)

Being incapable of dying can look like a blessing, but in the right (wrong) circumstances can be the worst curse inflicted upon you. Also the drawbrack you wrote is just perfect, it doesn't need another one than that, Addiction to using the quirk (dying) for it's after-effects, simply incredible.

It's always nice to see Izuku training, especially when it involves martial arts too. And then you made him a inventor/tinker-type and in a completely believable and realistic way, what a masterful stroke. The duo with Denki should get both boys him up there in the rankings when it comes to points, they both DID break the practical exam's records after all.

On another note, please don't have him take One for All, at least not until he's older, years preferrably. I just feel that giving OfA cheapens everything he already went through in this story, it would feel like he'd just be taking a easy way out things.

Shinso and Aizawa are a delight to read. Fun and irreverent, their POVs (or chapters focused on them) really drive home the fact that there's a bigger world out there and that the universe doesn't spin around Izuku, even if he's the protagonist. They're very well done, providing depth and a starting point for later character development, they're realistic and down to earth and seem to agree with what we know of the characters. Outstanding.

Inko also is awesome. I think you actually could explore something here that very few do, the codependency between her and Izuku, they needing the other to remain stable and sane. Given all that's happened, it certainly wouldn't be weird to have lasting issues that would cause them to support themselves on the other.

(It also could open an uncommon route for romance right there, Inko's. Frankly, in a world so weird as to have actual normal humans as the minority and one suffering prejudice at that, I don't know how such a subject would be dealt with by both parties involved.) This is just an idea, use it or not, it doesn't matter to me, for all I know you don't want to or won't even put pairings in the story, but if I helped spark some new idea for you I'm content.

Dialogues and Interactions from the first chapter to this last one are all awesome. Props to you.

OCs are not Mary Sues nor Gary Stus. Really well done on this.

Descriptions of places and locations are kinda lacking, in amount, not in quality. But that's fine given the quality of the narration and depth on Izuku's thoughts and emotions.

Hope I helped. I anxiously wait to read more soon. Over and out.
7/14 c8 Guest
The real question is this would he be able to sell his organs once he’s dead or when he’s brought back to life do all of his body parts go back into his body.
7/4 c8 Anonymousness
Aizawa's POV is really well done (though I wasn't expecting it for some reason), I love the context it supplies, and the way you write him is very perceptive and in character. Inko is a blessing on this earth, of course, and I love how you can see that her and Izuku share more than just looks. Btw, her passing comment at the end made me giggle uncontrollably. Well done!
7/4 c8 ndjjdjsujsj
I've yet to find the humor in this story
7/4 c8 Scarease
He probly has photo book of heroes to now Izuku .
7/3 c8 3Emocean
This was a nice chapter! Thank you for sharing it with us! Cheers!
7/3 c7 19lovleydragonfly
I love shinsou lmao. His entire character man. You did an amazing portrayal btw! I loved it! Im pretty excited for the next chapter.
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