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7/26 c9 Kedrane
Absolutely love the update
7/24 c9 kouga's older woman
Can't wait for her to find out about the wolves
7/24 c8 asia.joanna.7334
Omg omg Omg Omg i love it. That story is ameizing and crazy Great chapter I hope you update really soon
7/10 c8 Kedrane
This was a really great update! Bella is a mother hen ! Absolutely great!
7/10 c8 kouga's older woman
Charlie is such a great dad
7/9 c8 brankel1
7/9 c7 brankel1
Love it.
7/9 c4 Cacau Black
Jake is a good friend and with his sunny smile me will help Bella to go out of her depression.
I prefer your Bella.
7/9 c3 Cacau Black
The friendship between Bella and Angela is so refreshing. It will be god for Bella to have a friend like her in school.
7/9 c2 Cacau Black
I like this strong and unselfish Bella. I hope you can keep ser this way.
7/8 c8 Imnotsurereally
Can't wait for more!
7/5 c7 Debbie Hicks
8. bEella's Panetary status' then Bella Felt Her Locket with Auryn blew up fussion then Fed on Paul's blood Was not human the fusion rewired then suddenly cracked as a crest of my own then Drinking his blood was blood bonding used Vulcan reproduction on him by combining the boththen to Jake was ill then Fed on his blood then suddenly too late with three with the Best riends dderinking by Blood sharing like from the CW The Vampire Diaries then used my Powers then bitten but Marked from him/they then too late Alien Venom was in my Other wrist then was so hungry then Aliens/Vulcans then him Ione last time Marked me the guaed found me drinking moe guilty of crimes mthen then Blacking out good who made you then they have Werwolf blod and other blood in their hearts and system then Experimented then Augmenting then Still dtrinking blod Isabella charged with the unspeakable crime treason and murder then then Brain surgeries then too late Who turned you newborns Masters she is bitten but marked tear her/him/they apart rip her life then Executed for my sinned crime of Immortal children then Destroyed my mind and katra then broke good Assaulted then abused Where you newborns are leaving then then Screaming into pieces a start over with they do over good Fled the too late ashes then us/they were on the run Anmesiac was Paler with Anime Falkor's red orbs in Forks was a Confused newborn imprint captured see they are punished Attacked but left for dead Broken body failing mind the Doctor found us/they then too late from home as all of very far as all of clothes both and three from the NASA Bodysuit to the both pack Alice she was bitten but is not human is Mated that's right marked her then was so sick ill underweight was thinner alone and unwanted then nuked with they was With hair bangs long then Sliced brought there good guard broken the rules are Deceased then Atomized but vaporized with the both burning then lost from here more as all of them Volturi guards too late As all of them from the Depths of the blood bond shared a Psychic but telepathic mating bond was Mated for Life then too late Alice Who done to you Volturi did this to her/myself with they oh my god what is on her finger my grandmother's Vulcanoid betrothal ring she is my fiancée then suddenly felt from him only him then First Hunt then to s all of animals to more to state animals the very far way to more then too late Piercing but popping freely was Immortal so he/they then Severance of it then vanished good guard they broke rule they are dead dried out they are what Immortal by now poisoned blew more Volturi guards then too late blown up with as all of them what protection are Marked see to it then too late Lycan blood Werewolf blood see to it they are burned alive then too late myself was Betrothed to him yikes you are engaged hey boys news to bust He's taken but engaged Hey Paul we are going to throw you a party Crap what is it then felt from Hathor's voice then Kissed him speechless then my true mate and long-term imzadi forever bonded by blood then Smashed but torn apart then Brought there good tear them into pieces then More Volturi guards us/they were not mortal by 2020 5th July were in Frozen age was in fact parmamently immortal people never change of it from help kids never died at all haven't went old or elderly Alice she is not human anymore had stopped aging for now it's parmament where are we aboard took you from here on Vulcan no way we never die correction a drug made you immortal you are now Ancient the oldest then not bad for this our families buried with the tribe your things are in the house then Nuked freely then good dead they are poisoned.
7/1 c7 kouga's older woman
Poor Jake, I know I should feel bad for Mike too but, I don't
6/25 c6 brankel1
6/24 c6 Kedrane
Awesome update !
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