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for March of Grimnir

11/25/2020 c1 yesboss21
This thing is beautiful, it gave i deas on what to imagine and yearn to read and write
10/21/2020 c1 6Imperator Mortifex
I wasn't expecting this to be so interesting, but I’m glad I gave this a try. You should continue writing stories you clearly have a talent for it. You did a way better job than I did for my own story that’s for sure.
7/24/2020 c1 7deadliestfan
Well, I first apologize for the time spent before I read this- I do have problems with focus.

I am glad that I finally set down to read this story, as its a true epic and I would honestly recommend it for a Black Library "Time of Legends" segment. Your descriptions are excellent and carried in the same 'mythic' style Warhammer so loves.

I also applaud you for taking the time to introduce new units and champions in terms of the different fly units, Fonnarus and of course the Fimir. Before man, there was the Fimir, and it was the Fimir's inability to excite and hold the god's attention that doomed their race to long oblivion. Now, we have some background for that decision.

The Great Cataclysm is such a fascinating period to explore. This was before the Chaos Gods 'knew what they were doing' by which I mean they were still exploring around which race to favor, still were shopping around for how to reward them (with Be'lakor being the sole daemon prince for much of the period), and were fighting all sorts of crazy conflicts. The thousand year war with the Lizardfolk, the conflicts with Dwarfs and Asur are the 'most known' but other races existed during or around this time (or the lizardmen initated purge shortly before) like the race of sentinent worms listed in the Malus Darkblade series, the rise of the Blood Naga, the insectoids that appear in Orcslayer, even the True Centaurs that are occasionally listed in older lore.

I encourage you to feel out your creative boundaries and explore more, as I enjoyed this peice.

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