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for Overlord : The Demon Empress

9/28 c60 Stratos263
Well shit looks it coming sooner then expected
9/20 c60 1Buujack
Your health is first. If you need a break to check yourself, do that.

Btw, interesting take on the pregnancy. Of course, it wasn't going to be human-like, but still that fast?! You surprised me
9/20 c60 7zakan
Interesting, I was expecting a short pregnancy, but not that short.
9/20 c1 4iacopo.passerini
Ottimo ottimo!
9/20 c60 1Dak1on
I have a feeling that the proposal will either be super wholesome or go hilariously wrong (and then become wholesome). Either way, can't wait!
9/19 c60 4Coment9
Huh what is happening with her pregnancy?
9/19 c60 4Alucard
I always wanted to write my own life story even if it is boring. Mabye my kids and grandchildren would read it
9/19 c60 8UndeadLord22
First of all:mind your health. Don't want you to die or live shorter life.

Second of all: chances worse things would happen?
9/19 c58 4Alucard
Nice work
9/19 c60 3RonaldM40196867
Pestonya is so underrated.

Albedo really hates Philip, good for her.

Hilma sure has it rough dealing with Philip.
9/6 c5 Tito Sixot
Re reading this first chaps I just realized how basic they were, I mean compared to how the author changed the plot and interactions after, this first chaps are just copy or a resume of the original. I'm so glad I kept reading it, I would have missed a good story that I love, and hours of reading a lot of fics of the author. <3
8/21 c59 Frank180
Incredible story, i was wondering if you have in mind a one-shot where her version of nazarick meets the one with ainz ooal gown/momonga.
7/21 c59 Guest
Nice chapter

A bit of grammar errors

And introducing Philip and his boundless idiocy never gets old
7/21 c59 1Buujack
Philip being an idiot is always a delicacy.

It never stops being amusing
7/21 c59 Stratos263
Sooner or later that Philip will overstep his boundaries
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