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for Overlord : The Demon Empress

11/23 c49 max111000
Hi, nice chapter. Its kind of set up for the show and as that its kind of long. I wonder what will Zenshi do, I hope for some exciting development. Divine chant is awesome. I want to see Glaldriel x Gazef stand off during the battle. Have fun and take care!
11/23 c49 Stratos263
Well looks like the end of the world is coming
11/23 c1 HourglassWizard
Freaking awesome first chapter! Definitely gonna read this one through to the end
11/22 c49 Guest
Nicely done. Also can you please make a side fanfic regarding galadriel and her sexual encounters;)?
11/21 c49 Overlord fan
I love all your current stories and would like to see them continue as well as to see new ones added without old ones being deleted who knows perhaps you might even want to continue them in the future so simply put those ones on hiatus or something please.
11/21 c49 wanderingwitchelaine
always nice to see another chapter, look forward to more of Galadriel
11/21 c49 Buujack
Wow. She really made world-changing waves (divine chant is unnerving)

And it's just beginning

Never expected to see Zesshi so resigned. A bored blood knight turned into a solemn and passive death seeker. Interesting.

Dont take too long on the next update
11/21 c49 6Lightblade23
Well for this being the "cannon" story it kinda went over A LOT of things. Shame we didn't get the scene of Gali and albedo but meh in the end it's all about Gali winning so the direction it took is good but really rushed.
11/21 c49 2zachosg7
great chapter, glad to see this continue
11/20 c49 4Alucard
I think this was the most shocking thing I have ever read by PaulyThide. Divine chant and the fanatics was…. very surprising and I would have never imagined that. Now don’t get me wrong I think it greatly adds to the idea of the end days and acts as a great plot device. Anyways, I look forward to future installments.
11/20 c49 Konan0Warflower
I hope Pandora ups the drama to 12
11/20 c49 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
11/20 c49 Xemenon
Nice chapter.
11/20 c49 3RonaldM40196867
Pandora’s Actor loves his weapons and acting.
11/20 c49 Venku-Skirata
Looks at Devine Chant in this chapterWhelp, shes gone!"
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