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for Overlord : The Demon Empress

1/6 c41 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
1/6 c41 kage88
wow wow
12/28/2020 c40 PercyNine-Nine
when is the next update?
can't wait
12/27/2020 c40 1TheLastBattalion
I’m glad that Gala took some time for herself because I think she really needed sometime to organize everything
12/26/2020 c40 5Guts and Toes
for some reason... is this self insert? it seems mc keeps thinking about her parents when she could just forget them. there's lot of chaos about shitting parents. same as your other fic?
12/21/2020 c40 FrenchWhiteFox
Yeah Long vie the Demon Empress
12/21/2020 c40 Visual Bliss
I'd rather have albedo be the one who gets pregnant to be honest
12/18/2020 c1 Guest
who the hell would name their daughter Satoru? That should be a crime or something.
12/17/2020 c40 3Romele
this story is magnificent, it's the best overlord fanfic I have ever read, continue on your beautiful story.
12/15/2020 c40 Stratos263
At least the empress is feeling better
12/15/2020 c39 Stratos263
Well that dragon lord is a coward
12/15/2020 c38 Stratos263
Well that dragon lord is fucked
12/15/2020 c37 Stratos263
Well those fools are fucked
12/15/2020 c36 Stratos263
That is sad for Galadriel’s backstory such a gentle person but was mistreated for nothing
12/15/2020 c35 Stratos263
Looks like the main event is starting
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