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for Overlord : The Demon Empress

12/13/2020 c27 Stratos263
So more character depth for Entoma that is nice. Sometimes the small things can make life a little more easier
12/13/2020 c26 Stratos263
Well the eight fingers are toasted
12/13/2020 c25 Stratos263
Looks like Albedo’s plan is coming soon
12/13/2020 c24 Stratos263
So that is where clementine is
12/13/2020 c23 Stratos263
Those eights fingers they fucked up now
12/13/2020 c22 Stratos263
Good luck to Nazarick and it’s residents
12/13/2020 c21 Stratos263
Suzuki better be careful you are now your character in the game so the traits of said character are affecting you
12/13/2020 c20 Stratos263
Well brain there is more to life then just fighting
12/13/2020 c19 Stratos263
Good luck Sebas
12/11/2020 c31 sonicgoku203
steel ball run v2
12/10/2020 c40 NamelessStory211
could you make pandora actor have more moments with Galadriel it would be nice since he is the one who knows her the most
12/9/2020 c40 3DarkFusion
Admittedly not much to say here since this chapter is more setting things up for what's to come and I am curious to see how Galadriel's plans will change going forward. On a side note I can't help but wonder how the whole thing with the Lizard tribe is going since it was mentioned as starting several chapters ago but no follow up yet.
12/9/2020 c39 DarkFusion
This was a really nice way to end the arc with things derailing slightly , though sadly with more emotional distress for Galadriel. Still the Dragon Lord has pretty much signed his own death warrant because once word gets out around Nazarick that he said that the 41 may have abandoned Galadriel and it was her fault everyone there down to the lowest level slime is going to want that guy dead for the insult to their beloved ruler and their even more beloved creators. Now onto the latest chapter...
12/9/2020 c18 Stratos263
Dam that was quite the sexy threesome
12/9/2020 c24 DarkFusion
Okay, this is an interesting set up you're giving for Ninya with Galadriel taking an active role in her character development. I am curious if Tsuare is also going to change races like her sister...come to think it given your love for Tolkien and it seems like both Ninya and Tsuare are pretty much true believers in Galadriel's deity status you could use that as a more benign take on the Nazgul: mortals given power and immortality in exchange for their absolute loyalty just in Galadriel's case has better benefits; I could see Princess Renner, Climb and Neia becoming similar later on. Also wondering what's in store for Clementine, but I can't think of any theories for that.
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