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for Overlord : The Demon Empress

10/14 c48 BingbongBingity
Sad day build up chapter.
10/14 c48 310moorem
We didn’t get a description of the smut?!

After so much build up?!

9/17 c47 6Lucius Walker
Love, love, love your Overlord fics! And now that I've read this, I can thoroughly enjoy the other Overlord fics you've written.
9/17 c47 BingbongBingity
Love it. Following this bitch till the end please more content
9/16 c12 BingbongBingity
Didn’t think I’d like a female ainz without the ability to create undead but I kind of like it
9/6 c47 Guest
Please update soon.
9/4 c2 4Greatazuredragon
Very good start, I like how you are developing the MC.
And the bit about how the Swords of Darkness will be made by her will be hilarious when she gets to the new world.
8/31 c47 redbleik
what From Thedas to Westeros?
8/28 c47 EndlessChains
A well done chapter. Quite interesting to read that some of the Workers, especially Erya, will be looking into a town to destroy the slaves there. Being a trap setup was well done as Aura and the others took care of the Workers. Mare meeting with Erya was interesting as it would seem the three elf slaves with him mistook Mare to be Elf Royalty. Quite amusing as they fought back against Erya and Mare was confuse by their reactions and actions in doing so. Erya dealt with and now Mare has three elves to present to his Lady. Can't wait to see what sort of plans will come of it. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
8/10 c21 AurelLor
I honestly prefer albedo etc. are the who gets pregnant if you just want them have a child author. It will be also an inconvenience for mc anyway.
8/9 c10 AurelLor
I know you planted mc as a bi in the start but Im still hoping her love interests will be only female's.
8/7 c1 AurelLor
Fifa 2138 ... Dammit ea , even after all those year :S
8/3 c47 Stratos263
At least that douche is dead
7/30 c47 Guest
Nicely done.
7/29 c47 WindbornesWord
Fun Fic but it needs some serious TLC from a beta or three. Grammar and spelling are atrocious at times, but it does get better in the later chapters.
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