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for Overlord : The Demon Empress

7/29 c47 Sixot Ruthless
Thx for the chapter !
7/29 c47 Uday Sra
7/29 c47 kage88
7/29 c47 9Onishin Tsukitenshi
Funny thing, Maruyama actually confirmed that he planned for Mare to have sex with the three elf slaves.
7/29 c47 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
7/29 c47 3RonaldM40196867
Erya’s death should’ve been more painful but oh well.
7/29 c47 2Marc Ello-Re Yes
Always surprises me that Mare is so unsympathetic to anything not from Nazarick. that cute façade is hiding the crazy killer that all the Guardians hold.
7/29 c47 Rairi Valelira
How dare you dab away? *picks up shotty*
7/24 c7 wanderingwitchelaine
well that was interesting, look forward to more
7/17 c43 Guest
Chapter 43 "I think they were gay"
Says the demon who fucks her female servants lol
6/22 c40 Guest
It's incredible how wd humans love to spit on our own race and feel guilty about everything we do. The mere sentence ' Men are wolves to men', whilst true, depicts perfectly why we kinda deserve to disappear. Not because we are evil or dumb shit like that, but because we are so pathetic and self destructive with that mindset. Other animals should have become intelligent, not us. They would have done the same shit but perhaps they would be proud instead of insulting their own race every two fucking seconds
6/18 c44 larmmason
and again, this is the reason why I really love this, the NPC aren't just NPC anymore, they aren't define completely by their setting and they learn and be more than what they were before too. They become their own person, their own personality, free from their setting bit by bit.
Uwah.. Aura's attempt at cheer Shalltear up's really adorable.
6/18 c43 larmmason
... I don't have any word for Tsaindorcus's idiocy , like really? how could he be so blind even after experince all that? orz
and the situation near the end's hilarious, a rare moment to laugh.
This story's really a roller coaster of emotion, somethings surprising and unexpected occurred in almost every chapter and It's in a good way too.
Thank you again for writing this!
6/18 c41 larmmason
Galadriel have Pandora here who understand her the most, the one who keep her sanity intact.
really glad he's here with her like a family, a brother.
6/18 c40 larmmason
This is it.. when Ainz only try to follow and adapt to his Guardian's pace, Galadriel start to truly guide them in this moment. and a really touching moment near the end.
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