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for Overlord : The Demon Empress

6/25/2020 c23 ChronoHyperion
I've read your fanfic and in my opinion it was great, although I have read better Overlord fanfic than this one, no offense.

I hope in a future chapter there will be a private meeting between Hilma Cygnaeus and Galadriel only; a meeting that escalates into a "fun" bonding session between the two.
6/25/2020 c23 Dominus1389
You know this could be fun having a kid she won't need to carry it for long as demons spawn faster succubus even faster or in this case as sex demon and a demon it will form a body for soul to inhabit faster plus add her being daughter to goddess of motherhood lets say it will take mby a month or two maximum also they age from baby to teenager faster say about a year time then they age extremely slow i mean its the reason Incubi and Succubi are smug bastards despite being non combats Hell/Demons need them and their fast spawning to fill the ranks

Also it would be possible for Galadriel to impregnate females as demons are shapeshifters as a race ok not lets say imps and low ranks but higher ones and her being on a peak of a race could and won't have any problem to shapeshift tough they don't get any stat bonuses from it they use it to screw over and make deals with mortals but it could also be used as a breeding tool
6/25/2020 c23 MarkoncioX
I was eating a oreo ice cream while reading this, very fiting.
And this is the first time we have finally seen what happens when Albedo continues her "assault" hehe.
What an uff moment "Whe found your sister, she is safe" "yay" "wait no, they kidnapped her" ":("
Since the next chapter.
6/25/2020 c1 JustASkellington
please go back to posting daily im tooooo sad when i have to wait for another chapter 2 come out
6/23/2020 c22 JustASkellington
6/22/2020 c22 The-Killer40513
This is the first-time that I read about his happy farm it's never mentioned in most other fanfics.
6/22/2020 c22 Loke13
Very good
6/22/2020 c2 AsuraYuki
i like that Sword of Darkness insert that forshadow the future
6/22/2020 c3 Rosenkruz
That description of Galadriel's World Champion Armor... why does it make me think you based it on Saber Nero's War Dress? If you did, congratulations, I bloody love it.
6/22/2020 c22 AivaK
Huh, thought you were a goner not gonna lie, I'm happy you're still with us, keep it up!

- Aivae
6/22/2020 c22 Dominus1389
Hopefully in future she would move on from past and bed Albedo and other girls already why would she care or need friends that abandoned her all they do is bringing her demon sins out and pain
6/20/2020 c21 kage88
want more
6/19/2020 c21 3Rei dos Rios
You can do it! I like your story a lot.
6/17/2020 c21 2DodemGM
I'm confused, wasn't Suzuki a virgin? But she was sexually abused in her company?

Also, the german part. I don't know too much of it, but there are some mistakes. Maybe, to avoid more errors, why not use Italics or Bold Italics to represent the change of language?

One more thing, I saw in your profile that you're from Mexico. So, I'm assuming you speak spanish. So do I. If you want some help checking for typos, wording, etc. Let me know. Especially to fix the earlier chapters. I don't usually use my account on pc (I'm using a phone app that doesn't let see PMs). So, I might not be in touch too often.

Also, I was kind of hoping that Galadriel was the one doing the impregnation. Reading about her racial level, about being a leader an the loyalty her servants have for her, I assumed that she would be the one doing the deed. It surely shows a more dominant demeanour. But I guess that's fine.
6/16/2020 c21 Shakuras
Pandora to the rescue ! Nice to see him being more than some comic relief / Ainz/Momon's body double/substitute.
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