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for Overlord : The Demon Empress

7/24 c7 wanderingwitchelaine
well that was interesting, look forward to more
7/17 c43 Guest
Chapter 43 "I think they were gay"
Says the demon who fucks her female servants lol
6/22 c40 Guest
It's incredible how wd humans love to spit on our own race and feel guilty about everything we do. The mere sentence ' Men are wolves to men', whilst true, depicts perfectly why we kinda deserve to disappear. Not because we are evil or dumb shit like that, but because we are so pathetic and self destructive with that mindset. Other animals should have become intelligent, not us. They would have done the same shit but perhaps they would be proud instead of insulting their own race every two fucking seconds
6/18 c44 larmmason
and again, this is the reason why I really love this, the NPC aren't just NPC anymore, they aren't define completely by their setting and they learn and be more than what they were before too. They become their own person, their own personality, free from their setting bit by bit.
Uwah.. Aura's attempt at cheer Shalltear up's really adorable.
6/18 c43 larmmason
... I don't have any word for Tsaindorcus's idiocy , like really? how could he be so blind even after experince all that? orz
and the situation near the end's hilarious, a rare moment to laugh.
This story's really a roller coaster of emotion, somethings surprising and unexpected occurred in almost every chapter and It's in a good way too.
Thank you again for writing this!
6/18 c41 larmmason
Galadriel have Pandora here who understand her the most, the one who keep her sanity intact.
really glad he's here with her like a family, a brother.
6/18 c40 larmmason
This is it.. when Ainz only try to follow and adapt to his Guardian's pace, Galadriel start to truly guide them in this moment. and a really touching moment near the end.
6/18 c30 larmmason
so much meme material in this one chapter, bwahaha
6/18 c25 larmmason
I love how compassionate and considerate of Galadriel they all are, especially Pandora's Actor , not just thinking on their own but really care about Galadriel's feeling too.
There are so many overlord story that kept on going in misery and depressing route but this seem to have wholesome moment in there too.
Thank you so much
6/18 c21 larmmason
Yes.. , don't lose yourself or you wouldn't be you anymore and just a character you create.
It's so relieving that I finally got to see overlord story that try to fight back against the setting. That they wouldn't let the setting of the game define them. That they still can truly be themselves and not what the game set them to be.
6/12 c46 Bartosz Wolak
I am loving the story, I am looking forward to some Rubedo Arche action, all the ways that she may be forced to do... I belive cool start would be to put her in maids uniform as Espenela has only 1 servant so making a maid out of nobel girl that is in debt to her sound like a good idea. Then meaby organise a party for the Empire nobels in Espenela's manor and make Arche serve the nobels she hates, meaby her father would buy an inv with the mony he earned by selling his daughters. Meaby Rubedo would like to use Arches talent for something. Anyway have fun writting and I am looking forward to read some more :)
6/12 c46 EndlessChains
A well done chapter. Nicely done with the different perspectives of the two kingdoms and their stance on Galadriel's appearance. Lakyus and her group seemed quite worried about it as they were unsure what it is that they needed to do to save the country even if it means teaming up with other countries. Renner though seems to have plans of her own when it came to Galadriel's revival and could care less about her country as long as she has Climb by her side. Jircniv has his own plans as well with this news it would seem. Galadriel and her group make her move now and can't wait to read the chaos she will create. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
6/10 c46 Pup
The me thing I gotta say:

Cmon Galadriel, show Shalltear and her little chest some love too! I wanna see it happen!
6/4 c46 Guest
An excellent update. Can't wait for galadriel to make her formal debut.
6/3 c46 jay
overlord x naruto crossover with fem naruto nazarick come just before kyuubi atack . nazarick vs akatsuki two evil organisation against each other i thing this have potential.
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