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for Overlord : The Demon Empress

4/27 c45 N2
Thank you for the update looking forward to all your works as always.
4/26 c45 CamoMurf
Oh my. XD
4/26 c45 Sixot Ruthless
jajajajajajaja poor Rubedo, or Arche?
i'm glad that you're better autor
a idea for the BNHA one, addopt Eri ! she is perfect match for Galadriel, her past, white hair, powerfull, 'demon' horns, etc
4/26 c45 Guest
An excellent new chapter!
4/26 c45 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
4/26 c45 kaonei
Just let Shalltear handle Arche, she would love to have a pet.
4/26 c45 Rairi Valelira
Kissing gets you pregnant
4/26 c45 3RonaldM40196867
Rubedo is an interesting character.
4/26 c45 3aoxobzad
Anime logic: the stronger mean more stupid (except for some case)
Example: Luffy, Naruto, Goku,...
4/26 c45 2zachosg7
good chapter

last line in it made me laugh, indeed Rubedo (or at least this version of her) is indeed an idiot, makes me wonder why they let her out in the first place
4/7 c44 DarkShadow198
Can't wait for Philip to set his sights on beating Galadriel lmao
3/27 c44 Guest
Simple solution to the whole who'll get pregnant question. Have galadriel and albedo impregnate each other(futa x futa style).
3/24 c44 Guest
Loving the story can’t wait for the next chapter
3/21 c44 EndlessChains
A well done chapter. Quite the interesting event that took place when it came to Rubedo. It was adorable to read the reasoning as to why she wanted the girl and her sisters and it would seem like Rubedo wanted a friend of sorts in a way. It was amusing to read Galadriel enjoying herself as well as allowing Rubedo to have her new plaything. It will be interesting to read how things will develop from here. An endearing moment between Galadriel and Albedo though. It would seem their plans are developing quite well if Demiurge's report is anything to go by. Now it is a matter of time when it will be enacted. Quite the amusing end with Shalltear and not getting to sleep with Galadriel. It will be her moment soon enough as well as interesting that Aura helped her along. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
3/20 c44 Stratos263
Good luck Shalltear you just need to be patient
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