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8/25/2020 c1 2ManwithaPlan113
Lol Earth’s fucked unless they kill them all soon
8/6/2020 c6 Loco15
I love you, but I hate you like I didn't know I could hate.

What happened at the end? Did they win or lose? Did Bruce and Thor survive somehow? How will Ironman cope at the end, and just how will humanity recover if they did manage to survive? Was there some Tyranid remaining somewhere? Was that big thing gestating in the cave the dominatrix or a hive lord, and if so, where is it? Was the hive ship really destroyed?

Or did everyone end up as Tyranid lunch?

7/22/2020 c6 36Rachel McN
God freaking fghszsghmngaaaahhh I hate you, I love you and I hate you and I'm sobbing, that was the best end and the worst end and all through I couldn't tell how it was going to end and you called me out with that "humanity always assumes the best" part cos I was half-convincing myself the last stand might not be the last stand and there'd be more to go and I GAAHHHH

I have all this pent up tension now and the conclusion went from "oh thank fuck" to "nononoNoNoNO" and it ended so dreadfully beautifully and I feel so stressed yet satisfied. For the record, I rarely use my account anymore, I'm usually an alternate site reader. I haven't faved anything on it since my account started gathering dust a few years ago. Just so you know. That's how badly your stupidly heart-destroying story got me. God bloody freaking dammit I need to find fluff now.

Good story. Thank you. Give me my heart back.
7/22/2020 c5 Rachel McN

The frenetic motion and fast, disorienting pace of the narrative comes across brilliantly in this chapter, everything is terror and panic and fighting and smoke and WHAT THE HELL IS THAT and death. All the death. I'm not surprised that nukes were deployed, especially considering the current President mentioned in this fic, nor am I surprised that their effectiveness is debatable because good lord, its chaos.

Neil either has the luck of the gods or is cursed to seeing this through, this infestation is nothing but terrifying.
7/22/2020 c4 Rachel McN
Woah, woah, what about other countries? Bordering coastlines in neighbouring countries or are they covering USA land borders? I thought SHIELD was a worldwide force or are they limited in manpower and focusing efforts? At least give the rest of us a heads-up of this Omega level threat! I don't want those things on my doorstep without some warning!

Fingers crossed for Jean's idea, so long as it doesn't backfire on them; she didn't do too well the first time she broke into the apparent hive-mind. I don't want to know what kind of boost they might accidentally give them.

Earth is being infested by universe-hopping murder-cockroaches. This certainly seems one of those problems where the longer you leave it, the more impossible it becomes to handle and uproot the risk.
7/22/2020 c3 Rachel McN
Holy freaking s**t, that turned terrible fast, those things are not to be messed with, I literally had a double-take when it went for Steve, aahhhh!

Okay, okay, I'm good. Take about a slaughter, sheesh. Nuke 'em, screw it, the fallout will be horrendous but those critters are the epicentre of death. Kill it, kill it, kill it!
7/22/2020 c2 Rachel McN
Ah, the relief of back-up followed by the vulnerability of abandonment. Damn, this threat is rapidly growing in horror and scale, I don't blame him for wanting to stay well away from the things.
7/22/2020 c1 Rachel McN
Yep, you're out looking for these creepy things, should have read the fine print when signing up. Interesting start, doesn't sound promising for the group. Appropriately creepy with the lack of knowledge (Neil's and my own! Fandom-blind on Warhammer so this'll be interesting)!
7/18/2020 c6 issheafriend
"There are no words to describe the potency of what was generated on this day. Only that it is humanity's strongest and purest emotion, and because of that, we will never yield."- WOW WOW WOW. This is such an amazing ending. I am truly in awe. Wow
7/18/2020 c4 issheafriend
This feels more urgent and terrifying than fighting the Chitauris. I'd watch this if it were a movie. It reminds me a bit of the Chimera Ant arc from Hunter x Hunter, except the Tyranids aren't sentient beings.

It all feels a bit hopeless, now that Cap and Hawkeye are gone *sobs*
7/18/2020 c2 issheafriend
This chapter is so creepy. The scene with the worms crawling in Tutono's face makes me want to throw up. I love it.

Also, this almost feels like a movie. I can literally picture them in my head standing around the hole before Natasha decides to slide into the tunnels.
7/10/2020 c3 24DianaPrince31
I agree with Neil, going down into a monster-insect filled hole for one person is crazy. Imagine getting to meet Wolverine, that would be awesome. Meeting Jean, not so much. I am NOT a big fan of people invading people's minds like that. She didn't even wait for Neil to say his name. And then Jean has to go and invade the Tyranids' brains and they take over her. Ugh...telepaths, the most useless of the lot. And Logan told her to keep her mind closed. And when was Logan and Jean a couple? I knew about Logan and Storm, but that's new. I guess I haven't been reading to many Marvel comics. The details of the enormous cavern and the pool full of unknown liquid made me believe that they digesting their victims. Sad to know that's how Hawkeye went. The line 'descending on them like spiders to a web' made my skin crawl, and I had to look up to make sure that there were spiders. I hate spiders. Did one of those things rip Captain America's head off? I admit it, that part made me laugh. I never liked Captain America, and it was unexpected. As for Wolverine ripping the skin from his forehead-that was some messed up stuff right chapter was tragic. I was sad to see that Black Widow also went down. And Wolverine I thought that guy could survive anything. Another amazing action-packed chapter. I loved it. Once again the detailed description made me feel as if I was there and that Neil should get another job. You have a talent for creating the scenery without making it long and drawn out. I enjoyed this chapter, there are not enough words to say how incredible this was for me to read. I am going to have to recommend this story to anyone I know who likes Marvel fanfiction. Another amazing chapter and I can't wait to see what happens.
6/30/2020 c2 DianaPrince31
This chapter was action-packed, monsters shooting worms that kill people from the inside out, to the Avengers and soldiers fighting off the Tyranids. I felt sorry for Neil having to see his squadmate, Tutono die like that. When the monster died, I was like 'yay!', then when I read about the worms eating the poor guy I was like 'oh crap'. Once again the detailed scenery and setting were incredible. I liked the line 'And that smell. Burnt flesh, mixed with...a wet dog? Disgusting.' That would be the word I would use if I was smelling that. The gory details made me feel like I was there. I felt sorry for Natasha because she saw Clint get dragged into one of those holes by the Tyranids. Who knows if he could be worm food now. I am wondering why Neil didn't say anything about the boring worms that ate Tutono. I feel that this would be vital information to everyone before they start jumping down the hole. Also knowing this reminds me of how spiders suck the juices from their prey, leaving them to be dried husks. Or how some insects lay their eggs in some other animals and then when they hatch, the larvae eat their way out. I could see that happening. I could also see Neil leaving SHIELD after this mission is through especially from the line: 'Oh Jesus Christ, please God, I don't want to go down into the pit...'
This chapter was amazing. I enjoyed reading this a lot. I am not a big Marvel fan, so I am not familiar with their personalities that much, but you made them believable due to the situation they are in. I also like them in this fic (I still hate Iron Man and Captain America in the comics and movies, hehe). But here they are pretty cool. Though I do blame Tony a little for Totuno's death because he left the two soldiers behind saying 'Enough people died today', but it was indirectly. another argument would be even if Tony took all of them Tutono would have died another way. You did a great job on this chapter. Either way, he was a dead man. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the pits. I probably shouldn't eat anything before reading because I have a feeling there will be detailed imagery of how the Tyranids look like and what they do their victims. Once again great fic, I loved it.
6/29/2020 c1 DianaPrince31
I love the details of the crash, especially how Neil Cacot came to. The line ‘Like an old projector who took a few tries to flicker on’ was a great analogy for the character to try and process what happened. When I first heard about the alien attack, I was thinking little blue men with anger issues and big guns. However later on seeing what they really were made me anxious to see how they are going to fight them. The description of the scenery was detailed but also enough to appreciate it. If they hadn’t crash, the forest would be a great place for camping. And the details were lengthy and didn’t go past my limited attention span, which made me appreciate it more. The part where Neil was checking out Black Widow’s butt made me laugh and hoping he’d walk into a tree because how’s he going to explain what happened?
The chapter was short, but very interesting, it does not intimidate the reader and it held my attention. I will definitely continue to read the fic to see what happens next. Black Widow’s explanation of what they were looking for had me thinking the same thing that Neil was thinking. I also get the feeling that they are not alone in the forest, from the line ‘A shadow danced a second too long, and now his heartbeat increased, his head turning a little more than a minute
6/19/2020 c6 4PhoenixClaw2128
This was a great story, and I enjoyed it all the way through! Hell, I almost want to write my own Warhammer story, but I’ll have to study up on it haha. Anyway, amazing job on this gripping story!
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