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for All the Words Run Dry

3/6 c25 Waitinginthewing
Thank you for updating! :)

This was a really sweet chapter. I liked Rapunzel wondering if Eugene loves her. *squeals* I think he does. And Rapunzel wondering if she loves him. *squeals* I think she does. Now they just have to admit it to themselves and each other.

I love Eugene needing to be held, this was an especially beautiful paragraph:

'She wrapped her arms around Eugene. Laying her head on his chest. His heartbeat was a song and his embrace was a sunbeam.'

Great job with that one. :')

Wow, 42 chapters, huh? I think this will be the longest fic I've read. Count me in, I'm ready as I'll ever be!

Thank you for the New Dream feels, really a great chapter. I'll be waiting in the wings till next time! Take care. :)
3/6 c25 KathyMesser
Yes Rapunzel, Eugene loves you , and you love him. Great chapter. Looking forward to the next one.
3/6 c25 28queenarianna17
3/5 c22 1Inaya23
Great chapter! I loved how different it was from your other chapters (not that the other ones aren't good, just that I think switching it up once in a while is pretty cool). My favorite part was the end where Stalyan tells Rapunzel her story. Can't wait to read the next chapters!
3/5 c21 Inaya23
Loved this chapter just like all the other ones. The beginning part about Quirin was so sad! You did an amazing job writing it. I could feel how empty and broken he felt. :( My favorite part of this chapter was when Rapunzel and Stalyan meet. I gotta agree with you, I really love Stalyan, too. One of my favorite episodes from TTS is the one where Stalyan and Rapunzel have to work together to free Eugene. I didn't think that highly of her at first, but she grew on me.
3/1 c24 KathyMesser
They may not have said I love you but they were very loving to each other. It would be nice to see Rapunzel tend to Eugene's wounds.
3/1 c24 Waitinginthewing
Thank you for updating! :)

I really liked this chapter, it was so sweet. I love how Rapunzel told Eugene. And I love the story behind his name, it really fit the storyline and made a lot of sense as to why this man has so many names. I love him. :)

And yes, they didn't admit they had feelings for each other, but I can feel the change happening. Soon. Hopefully soon they'll realize it. :)

Thank you again and I'll be waiting in the wings till next time! Take care. :)
2/15 c20 Inaya23
I'm sorry I haven't reviewed in a while, I've been pretty busy, but I finally got the chance to read this chapter today! My favorite part was obviously when Rapunzel asks to draw Eugene because it's so adorable! I wonder why Stalyon kidnapped Varian. Hopefully he gets rescued by Rapunzel or one of the other characters. I'm going to read the next chapter tomorrow because I don't want to speed read through all of them and have nothing to read after. I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter of this story!
2/15 c23 Waitinginthewing
Thank you for updating! :) Wow, I didn't expect that chapter to end that way. It was intense! Great job, very suspenseful. Glad that its over though, hopefully the romance will start up again, now that the traumatic events have ended for New Dream. Poor Eugene :'( hoping Rapunzel will nurse him back to health. Thank you again and looking forward to more! Take care. :)
2/14 c23 Fancatdog
So dark so raw I love it
2/14 c23 KathyMesser
Poor Eugene, he must be in so much pain. If Stalyan really loved Eugene she wouldn't be doing this. Eugene and Rapunzel may not realize it yet but they do love each other. I'm looking forward to a passionate reunion. Was Eugene dreaming at the end? It didn't seam real to me.
2/5 c19 Inaya23
Hi! I'm very sorry I haven't reviewed in so long! I've been really busy but I finally had time to read this chapter today and I loved it! I really like how you put Kiera and Catalina in this story. Their episode is one of my favorites in TTS. I'm very excited to read the next chapter and find out what happens to the girls. My favorite part in this chapter is when Rapunzel holds Eugene's hand. It loved how she got flustered and how New Dreamy this part was. I'm very excited to read the next chapter of this story because this one has got me hooked!
2/5 c22 Waitinginthewing
Thank you for updating! :) I really like where this is headed.

I love the Stalyan backstory from the series, but they left it so vague, we kinda have to fill in the blanks for ourselves. Which is fine, more fun that way. ;)
You really conveyed Stalyan's thirst for vengeance, AND her thirst for Eugene, ;) great job!

Thank you for this entertaining chapter, happy to hear you have the next few chapters in line. No worries if you can't update as frequently, I'll be patiently waiting in the wings till next time! Thanks again and take care. :)
2/4 c22 KathyMesser
Stalyan must really be hurting but this isn't going to fix anything. How will they get out of this? Please update soon.
2/3 c22 Fancatdog
Poor stalyan and who will save them
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