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11/15 c6 riveramorris
Loved this story but it was to short.
10/11 c1 Mimsd123
This was great!
9/5 c6 brittsany
Oh I love love this story ... please consider a sequel ... it would be awesome .. thank you for your writings .. your really good !
8/25 c6 Roxy Lu
Great story! I really liked the length and how you told it so it didn’t seem like everything was quickly happening. Love all your stories!
8/21 c1 imnotcoolyet
Love this story and the different approach
7/26 c6 fromLimaHeightsAdjacent
Thank u for this story
7/17 c6 pinkmatter528
We totally need a continuation of this! I started reading this after the news of Naya and it’s made my heart smile through the grief
7/13 c6 johbau98
i love this! thank you for posting!
7/2 c1 kid98
I just finished No Heroes here and skimmed this again since I read it when you were first starting it. Glad to see updates again! Thank you!
6/28 c6 Guest
Awww sad this was the last chapter, but thank you for this fic! It’s great and was a joy to read. I’m a sucker for good superhero stories and this one was so so so good. Usually for Brittana, it was only one of them that has abilities and powers, so I’m really happy they both were superheroes on this one. Anyways, thanks again for this fic!
6/23 c4 Guest
This is such a good story so far! I love the catchphrases too!
6/19 c5 Guest
Like damn this is amazing, so good it could make for an awesome TV show or mini series at least! Superhero shows and movies are all the hype these past few years. Superhero duo that flirts and banters while kicking ass sounds so freaking amazing. AND THEY KISSED while both sober this time!
6/19 c5 sandrienchen84
that's so damn good, I'm crying! that's not the end, is it? you can't let me down like that! no seriously, that's a very good story!
6/18 c5 naynay1963
Well shit. Dang cliffhanger. That was intense. I love this fic. Fantastic story. Thank you for writing it.
6/18 c5 burglover421
No Bombshell! Don't die!
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