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9/13 c3 Abstract01
LOL on the 'stopshortsorting'.
I agree with a more straight-backed Longbottom.
Enjoying your story!
9/7 c5 noylj
No Bumblemore tracking charms? No attempt using Fawkes to kidnap Harry? No thought to putting up wards to pertify anyone testing them?
9/6 c1 noylj
Can't find recommended fic
8/8 c8 4LongLiveTheKing32
This was fantastic! Absolutely Fantastic!
8/7 c4 Guest
Yes, yes, yes! I love a good dressing down of an idiot. Using his own bs even! 3
7/14 c8 10malexandria
Congrats on finishing a great story! I really liked that Daphne wasn’t in Slytherin for a change.
6/24 c4 Kaylen.b4444
Yaaassss! I love a good read
5/31 c8 gginsc
Lovely story. I love happy endings.
5/27 c1 Greg
Apparently the person who wrote that fic changed their name. The Queen Does Not Need to Know is now under AppoApples.
5/9 c8 13Rowen-bsg
I have gone from laughing out loud to crying reading this lovely story. Thank you for sharing it with us.
5/7 c4 HeartsGlow
LOVED that "beat-down" Harry and friends gave Malfoy!
5/7 c3 HeartsGlow
LOL. I was guessing Harry in Gryffindor, Daphne in Slytherin, Neville in Hufflepuff, and Hermione in Ravenclaw. That maybe they'd bring together the houses. My second guess was two in Ravenclaw and two in Gryffindor (Daphne showed real backbone and bravery going against her father)
5/5 c8 7Daemon Sadi
lovely story, glad to have stumbled upon it more than a decade after reading your last fic.
just too bad that it wasn't enough to wake up your muse, apparently. ;)
all the best to you and yours!
5/2 c8 Hedwig68
A truly beautiful Story, Thankyou.
4/30 c8 1ABeaupain
Lovely story. Thanks for sharing
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