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3/15 c4 1NerdLord2nd
I never thought someone could find a way to make what is basically "i was lazy" into what is quite possibly the most intimidating line i have every read. quality writing there
3/14 c6 1Murderleo38
este fic tiene demasiada comedia, y eso realmente me encanta, ya sabes uno nunca puede tener suficiente de unas buenas bromas (a menos que sea la misma pero en diferentes ocasiones, asi se volveria aburrido) espero que subas mas caps
3/14 c6 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next
3/13 c6 11Notsae
So Discord pulled a Golden Freiza by training for the first time in ever. Interesting.
3/13 c6 Spellflame
3/13 c6 27barryc10
S'mores of Friendship cooked over the Fires of Friendship with the Princess of Friendship is the only way to seal a Bond of Friendship.
3/13 c6 ray.sphere99
Amazing work
2/15 c5 Jesh
I love this, I love this so much. Its perfection. Is more on the way?
1/24 c5 Guest
I don't even like mlp but this is good
1/19 c5 1Murderleo38
ME Encanto este fic, su comedia es muy divertida... aunque creo que me es divertido porque me gusta ver sufrir a los demas, no de manera cruel, sino ver a los demás sufrir de sus propias acciones cuando yo les advertí que no lo hicieran
1/17 c5 Dragonblaze66
Interesting first chapter! But I'm about what discord was talking about when he said nightmare knock off and spike mother.
1/17 c5 bikoukitsune
enjoyable as always
1/17 c5 UnsanMusho
I look forward to seeing how the pillars view changes and I also appreciate the shipping jokes you added hehehehe
1/16 c5 2ranma hibiki
epic battle that was both amusing, and loud. suits discord ;3
now just need to find the riiiiiight soundtrack! (and not DBZ)

the first rule of twilight hunting. always check anyplace heavy in books first, her friend's place's second, then follow the rules of hide & seek. she can't be too far outside of ponyville can she?
1/16 c5 Guest
Please have Discord help against the Storm King and help with the school of friendship while bonding with the Student 6 and then help defeat cozy!
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