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9/26 c4 Guest
Please update this story is great, and it would be a shame to wait a few years until the next chapter.
8/16 c4 Hashirama 1710
did the others hear that?
8/7 c4 Guest
Please Update Soon!
8/3 c4 Pater Richard
This is a fantastic fiction! Really liked how you wove Abridged DBZ like elements in this.
7/29 c4 Jesh
I need more of this, cause i have always believed the ponies of equestria never truly understood what they were dealing with when it came to discord
7/29 c4 TrashMaster9000
This discord feels like a mix of Beerus and frieza And I love it all so much
7/29 c1 TrashMaster9000
One chapter and this is already possibly my favorite discord fanfic of all time.
7/26 c4 8The Keeper of Worlds
Holy shit, he’s the Frieza route. From no training and being lethal, to a little training to create “WTF, Oh sweet damn creation WHY!?” levels of power.
7/25 c4 5Orchamus
This? This chapter right here? Gold, pure gold. Loved every bit of it-
7/25 c4 X-Over Appreciator
OH SNAP! The absolute FEAR that statement will cause, will be epic
7/25 c4 17duskrider
To be honest it makes sense for discord to be compared to an apex predator. Along with the whole frezia comparisons in this fic make sense when put together even in cannon it was like this. I mean there is a comic for the series that takes place during the time discord was at his height of evil only it turned out what everyone remembers was not the truth because to protect someone he loved at one point he twisted the memory of every living being along with recorded history to remove her from it and insert himself as the evil. And I mean everyone including beings on pair with gods at times.
7/25 c4 ray.sphere99
Incredible work as always my friend keep up the outstanding job
7/16 c1 10Wanderer101
Discord is Vegeta. I like it. XD
7/10 c3 Briar 4
*Smiles sweetly* Hello again, sweetheart! Hmm, good to see that the Pillars sort of enjoyed their little 'tour' of the modern world so far('though if I'm being honest with myself, I actually would've enjoyed seeing that..). *Snickers* And the idea of them all having to practically DRAG Mage Meadowbrook(I really do love the concept of her name) away from a hospital is highly comical in my opinion.

But Mage having a hospital named after her actually isn't actually a bad idea, especially since Pinkie Pie knows ponies in the construction industry and could very maybe make that happen~.

And ooh boy, both Rainbow AND Flash Magnus were both crossing into some pretty dangerous waters there in regards of them both taking jabs at Starswirl's former students Celestia & Luna like that. But like I stated in my previous review, it's always nice to see Starswirl's more do fatherly side of him, it's sweet~.

While the jabs at Twilight apparently 'laying Spike's egg' was real funny and all, I wouldn't exactly blame her for wanting to cast a spell later on for 'em all to 'forget' that particular little embarrassing moment, but Magnus DID make a good point in being more worried about the dragon mother. But that's a story for another time..

All in all, while it could've used just a little bit more to this chapter, it was still really interesting to read all of this and for Starswirl to potentially be told off by both of his former students for the whole 'Once a villain, always a villain' comment and y'know what, they may also need to send Thorax that little memo too 'cause he deserves to hear that.

But for now m'dear, I bid you Adieu~!
7/8 c3 10battle manga
I get the feeling from this fic that discord would blow of steam by just creating planets. Earning that god tital. After all our own planet had a lot of chaos in the beginning.
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