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6/5 c1 68rahleeyah
UGHHHHHHHHHHH they are so soft i love them so much. You know I'm obsessed with this idea, all the quiet moments we didn't get to see, and this one is just so...ugh it's beautiful. Polgara waiting until she knows that no one (but silk) is watching and going to him is a bold action but it's driven by her fear of losing him. And Durnik just so in awe of her and so grateful for the chance to hold her and the two of them just safe and cuddling and not wanting to let go? Polgara sleepily telling him she loves him? Bc she's safe and she can let herself be vulnerable with him bc she knows he would never ever hurt her? Hi I'm emotional. This is just...ugh it's so nice. Thank you babes.

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