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2/12 c35 Becca
*sees final chapter* *vibrates intensely*

Oh my goooooooosshh.

SAMAR IS STAYING! :DDD Scottie and Howard and the first steps towards reconciliation! Liz and Ressler and the team staying together. *sappy smile*

Oh my goooooosshh. The emotional whiplash I got thinking that because nobody had found Red's body, he was alive, and then Liz talking about everything being left to her and I started tearing up, and THEN there he is and I have to stop myself from just ugly sobbing all over the place. There are tears. Real tears leaking from my face at this very moment. That whole scene was so lovely. And then you end it on Tom and Liz and Agnes finally together in the park! :))))))))

This is a great story and I'm sorry to see it done. Many thanks for all the work you've put into this crazy fandom, I don't know what I would've done without all your amazing fic. Best of luck with all your work! Looking forward to seeing it. :))))))))
2/12 c35 DevilsAdvocate
Keen3 getting their walk/ picnic in the park! Gosh that makes me so happy!
Oh thank you so much for giving Samar and Aram getting their second chance! I have missed Samar!
Red being alive and the blacklist taskforce still going on was... unexpected but at least Reddington is not the concierge of crime anymore. This has opened up my mind to the idea of Red getting his peaceful ending on some beach somewhere. I can imagine it being good for Liz, she doesn't have to feel guilty about his death.
Lmt has been so good after canon. Thank you so much for writing it!
2/5 c34 Becca

Okay, I got that out of my system now. This chapter had me freaking out like you would not believe! (Why do I insist on reading this fic around family instead of going somewhere I can just scream my head off?)

Things I loved in no particular order: MYTHOLOGY. Katarina being honest with Liz. Tom and Liz being their awesome selves together. Aram's password being Samar - cue me melting all over my phone. THAT QUOTE. That quote is absolutely beautiful just in general and so darn perfect for them in particular.

Liz threatening Bauer is absolutely awe-inspiring for me. I'm not totally sure why I find him so terrifying (because, trust me the way you write him scares the crap out of me), maybe because I'm seeing him from Red's POV so much - I mean, Liz meets him and just sees another old psychopath with too much power, but Red sees the monster of his youth - but whatever it is, it's working, and it makes it that much more amazing to see Liz face him down and find a chink in his armor.

*screams quietly over that cliffhanger* *screams quietly over the fact that there's only one chapter* Oh, man, I don't know what's going to happen, but I *hope* Red survives.

Best of luck with all your writing! I'll be waiting for it! :)
1/29 c33 Becca
In Which Multiple Escape Plans Are Put Into Play :)

Aw, little Agnes all ready to protect the ex-Mossad bamf. This girl really got all of the best bits of her parents. :) :)

*trying not to tear up over Tom being willing to take on anyone and anything for Liz and Agnes*

Tom and Liz doing awesome undercover work together! Never going to get enough of that. :)

YOU SHOT TOM AGAIN?! Hasn't this man been through enough?

*read author note* Okay, I could still do without Tom hitting most of the squares in Bad Things Happen Bingo, but I definitely appreciate not being left on that cliffhanger. Looking forward to the next chapter!
1/22 c32 Becca
Me as I click on the chapter: I don't know whether to sing 'happy early birthday to me' or just start screaming preemptively

*reads scene with Red and Bauer* Screaming. Definitely screaming. So very much screaming.

Aw, look at Katarina, helping Scottie out with Howard. I don't think she's doing this out of the goodness of her heart, but Howard needs to hear it, so I'm happy.

I love Tom so much. I just felt like bringing that up again. :)

LiZ dReAmInG aBoUt ReD aNd PoLaRiS I Am HaViNg EmOtIoNs


Seriously, if I wasn't surrounded by family, I'd be screaming into a pillow right now. I am completely freaking out and don't know how I'm going to handle waiting a week for the next chapter. Looking forward to it!
1/15 c31 Becca
I'm sure I had other things to say, but now all I've got now is 'eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!' I'm both very excited and very worried!

Looking forward to the next chapter!
1/8 c30 Becca
HoLy shIT I WAS RIGHT? *proceeds to spend the rest of the day thinking about where this is going to take the story. Possibly turn my Reddington Funko into a small trophy.*

And Our Red calling Original Red 'Ray'? Very interesting since only Alan Fitch has done that before. And also weirdly emotional for me? I don't know why, but it gave me feels.

Agnes and Samar and Aram! *screams quietly into my hands because this is just so good and pure but also pain*

'All she heard was the gunshot.' *slams panic button repeatedly*

Freaking out now and looking forward to the next chapter! Hope you're having a good 2021 too! :))))
1/1 c29 Becca
Hmmmm... Okay, theory time. Evidence: Red is desperate to keep who he used to be secret. Red has mentioned his mother's death and a falling out with his father. Red is obviously connected to Dom and Katarina. Bauer is looking for his son, whom he believes he can find through Kat, has also mentioned the death of his wife. Conclusion: Red is Nicholai.

*takes a minute to really consider the implications if I'm right* Oh boy, this is going to be a doozy.

Best of luck with all your writing and Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to the next chapter! :)
12/18/2020 c28 Becca
I am SO excited for all these answers! :DDD I'm jus trying to take in all this information! My Blacklist-brain isn't used to getting so much without an equal amount of doublespeak and plaid or mirrors in the background. :p

Seriously, this is great and I'm delighted. Merry Christmas! :))))
12/11/2020 c27 Becca
Aw, Agnes is just the best. I know I say it every time, but she's just so freaking cute, and I love that her reaction to howard is to be like 'sounds fake, but okay.'

*cackles every time Tom and Liz bring up their intention to just stick all their parents in one room and poke them with a stick to see what happens*

Ooh, okay, add Nez and Dembe to my list of characters I've never seen interact before, but am suddenly intrigued by. Bonus points for these for being more cooperative than certain others I could name. *cough* Red *cough*

Oh my gosh, you're killing me. Aram and Samar are absolutely breaking my heart. I was legit telling myself 'don't cry, don't cry' reading that whole scene. :(((((


12/4/2020 c26 Becca
Oh my gosh, I spent the whole first half of the chapter just drowning in feels. Scottie and Nez hurt, and I'm also very worried about Nez. And Samar! I'm ready to cry over Samar. My heart just got crumpled up like a paper ball. :( :(

But the second half! Even after all this time and all the anger at Red, I still got so excited when he said yes and got a case of the warm fuzzies when Liz hugged him. :) All those old, fonder feelings just came right back.

Shower away with those answers, I'm ready for them. Looking forward to the next chapter! :)
12/4/2020 c25 Becca
*screams in frustration* HOW DID I MISS THIS SHAME ON ME

Aww, Agnes is just adorable. I love every time she pops up. And of course Ressler would be the one forgetting to keep it clean in front of her, lol. You gotta watch out for little kids, Ress, they always notice the swear words. :)

Oh, Howard. I'm this weird mix of emotional, freaking out over the bombshells he dropped, and wondering what the heck I can actually believe. It's very confusing. :p I am, however, in full support of Tom's plan to put all the secret-keepers in one room and see what happens. *runs hands together gleefully* That's going to be epic.

*SCREAMS HEAD OFF* No, seriously, I had to suppress real-life, out-loud SCREAMS when I hit the end of the chapter. I'm not even kidding. YOU BROUGHT BACK SAMAR I'M SO HAPPY AND SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH
11/20/2020 c24 Becca
*hugs Keens*


Ilya! Mythology! Ooh, and Tom's parting shot there. Yes yes yes.

My brain is not doing the coherent words thing right now, but I loved it and I'm looking forward to the next chapter. :)
11/13/2020 c23 Becca
Scottie: I'm not the manipulative parent in this family
Tom: And yet that's how it looks to me

Red: Don't do the thing because secrets
Liz: Guess what I'm gonna do instead?

* Both parents feel screwed. Katarina just smiles cryptically and nudges a chess piece forward*

Seriously, though, *the parents* in this chapter. The juxtaposition between what Scottie's thinking and what Tom's seeing really hurts since she's my current favorite. Red continues to drive me nuts - for such a smart man, he just doesn't learn, does he? And Katarina... I'm not sure what she's doing yet, but she's definitely got a different agenda from anybody else. *stares suspiciously at her*

Only beginning? ONLY BEGINNING?! We're 23 chapters in and only beginning?! *screams forever*

Ok, I'm better now (can my nerves take this story and the new season of the show at the same time, though?). Best of luck with your stuff turning up (hello from the midwest!) and all your writing. I'll be looking forward to the next chapter! :)
10/30/2020 c22 Guest
My brain during this chapter:

Yay, Tom's got more memories back! Red, do you really have to be here right now? Not helping.

There was a time I'd have been upset about someone punching Red in the face. I'm surprisingly okay with it.

Tom, wait. Stop. Tom, please don't do this. Killing him is (probably) not actually going to solve things.

Tom, can I give you a hug? You look like you could really use one. Liz, will you please go hug your husband for me? Okay, thank you. Wow, that hurt.

Solomon! :)

Nez! :D

Solomon! DDDD:

Holy crap, bamf mana bear Scottie just picked up where Tom left off! I have a newfound fear and respect for her and I can totally see where my favorite guy got it from.

Wait, YOU KILLED SOLOMON, YOU MONSTER?! I thought you just shot him up a bit! I love that charming bastard of a survivor, dammit!

So many Keen feels. They're in pain, I'm in pain, but my heart went all squishy over her teaching him to swim. And her being willing to do whatever's best for him, even if it means walking away from everything? Like she never has before? I don't even know what all my emotions are doing anymore. There are so many.

Looking forward to the next chapter! :)
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