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for Death and Other Parties

10/19 c1 HaileySpannerJun
This is actually the best SO3 fanfictions I've seen on this site (Bar one other, which is probably indefinitely incomplete.) Seeing fics like yours makes me want to play the game again and get into the nonexistent fandom. You write their characterizations so well, you don't have glaring mistakes, like. You're everything I could want from a story, really. I'm very curious to see how far you'll take us.

(On a side note, hope you're staying safe!)
7/5 c1 7CWolf2
Nice! You did a great job drawing out the characterizations through actions and thoughts. Its been so long since I played this game, but I really enjoyed the time in Elicoor, and Nel was one of my favorite characters. You've laid the groundwork for a great plot. I look forward to more chapters.
6/25 c1 Guest
Really good so far! I can't wait to delve further into Nel questioning her existence after realizing she is a npc in a game

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