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7/9 c1 723iloveromance
I love this and it's so heartbreaking to watch them dancing together knowing that they're so in love with each other-although we all know what happens later on!
6/23 c1 AmberlieKrueger
I am in absolute tears. An amazing take on such an emotional moment. Thank you for sharing what more than likely were there actual thoughts in that moment.
6/5 c1 751Kristen3
These moments are always so emotional on-screen. And you've managed to dial that up ten times here! I'm glad we know how the story finally ends!
6/5 c1 29Annber03
Awwwwww :(. So bittersweet, this. I love how you delve into the fact they're both thinking the same thing, even though they don't realize it. Those longing looks and the way they hold each other kill me every time I watch that episode.

I also like how you touch on their memories of the Snow Ball. I fully agree with the idea that Daphne knew or suspected all along, but never dared allow herself to seriously consider the possibility of them being together. Honestly, when you look at some of their interactions in the seasons following that dance, I think there's a whole lot of truth to that theory.

It's also so touching to see them treasuring their friendship, too-yes, they both clearly want more, but of course they'd want to cling on to the friendship they've built as well, because it's a reminder of a simpler time, when they didn't have this tension and potential separation hanging over their heads. Remaining friends would be the one thing still connecting them even after they both wound up married to other people. Which is really sweet and really heartbreaking all at the same time.

I especially love, though, how Daphne notes that Niles is the only person she knows who didn't get all nitpicky with her over her wedding. I hadn't really considered that, but you're absolutely right, and that's a really interesting point to think about. I agree that it really does speak to how Niles is willing to let her be happy with whatever she wants, even if he's not part of that happiness, and to his credit, he did make an effort to move on. And I like how Niles himself acknowledges that as well.

But of course, I also suspect another reason he didn't say anything about her wedding is because a) it would be a sore subject for him to discuss at all, ad b) it would lead to him potentially accidentally revealing his feelings to her. Two things he wouldn't want to do or deal with for the longest time. If only he knew that soon enough here, he wouldn't be able to hide those feelings from her much longer :D.

Anywho, yeah, this was a really moving piece. Nice glimpse into their thoughts during this scene.

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