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for Grimm Fate: Wolfsbane

9/3/2021 c2 xenoslimy61
Literally, Fenrir is just like "welp, now I can't move and I have to trust a nurse, end my pain"
7/25/2020 c2 1saundersmarcelo
I honestly really like the oc you made so far. Flora seems like a very genuine and sweet character, especially with how she composes herself despite being afraid of Fenrir. As for any hi-jinks, I honestly can't really think of any at the moment, but I did enjoy this chapter and hope to see the third part when it's done and ready. Anyway, with that said, have a good one, Arno!
7/25/2020 c2 1crusader76
Good to see this get updated. It's all too common an occurrence where a chapter gets longer than you envisioned it, and you have to split it up. This was a good establishing chapter for Ms Nightingale, as well as further driving the point how all the non-huntsmen staff are absolutely terrified of a Grimm being within spitting distance of them.

Regardless, Flora is showing quite a lot of bravery by treating the sick little Beowolf. It will be nice if Flora gradually comes to realise that Fenrir isn't as dangerous as he makes himself appear. Fenrir is shown to become a bit more vulnerable when he's unwell. Maybe he'll say something he wouldn't normally say, who knows.

Another excellent chapter, can't wait for the final part to come out.
7/1/2020 c1 1yellowking14
Hmm, my curiosity is piqued, do continue this!
6/5/2020 c1 Dr.swagger
Fenrir has bad luck that rivals the likes of Kamijou Touma. Which also makes him more endearing as well.
6/5/2020 c1 1crusader76
Creator of Grimm Fate here, first of all stating that I 100% give permission for this to be part of the official canon of the Grimm Fate story. Arno Wisp has been a good friend of mine for well over a year now, helping me write my own story, and the whole time I have encouraged him to start his own writing. He is a man of great creativity and passion equal, if not greater, than my brought me true joy to see that he is finally taken the leap into showing his writing off to the world and not just me.

As for the chapter itself, it's a good introduction to the events that are sure to come. I like how you really captured Fenrir's bad luck, along with his gruff attitude. Even when he's throwing his guts up, he'll refuse to acknowledge anythings wrong unless someone physically stops him. Glynda herself was well written, and the nurse was funny for how terrified she is of Ozpin's "Experiment". I can't wait to see what other effects the wolfs-bane flowers will have on my boy. Fenrir can get sick now, so it makes sense that poisons will also have an effect on him, when they didn't before. At the same time, what remains of his Grimm biology will try its best to fight off the poisons effects.

Solid start all around, I'll be watching this story, and any other stories you make with great interest. Well done Arno, proud of you buddy.
6/5/2020 c1 Midnightwolf64
This is interesting did you ask for permission from the creator of Grimm fate if you could do this ? Because I know some writers would like to be asked before people go writing about their story first, but this is a great story by the way but why did you decide to write a story about another one? Great job on your first story by the way

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