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3/30 c6 8zephyr hb
Soooooo neat.
3/30 c1 Overpowered1000
pls continue tommy turner
3/30 c6 Guest
Well he isn’t wrong, Zygon revived his soul 3 times. It is kinda sad Hex can never see his earth friends and mentors again.
2/19 c5 Guest
Omg! It’s been so long since I read a YJ fic update here! I missed reading those.

Love the new chapter! And omg! I can’t believe LEX LUTHOR was the one to drop the bomb about Hex (who is sort of wally’s reincarnation) to the West couple. Barry has A LOT of explaining to do huh? At least Lex didn’t leak this news to the media. Secret Alien family on Earth, and the JL hero having an alien superhero sidekick too. Godfrey would have quite a segment.
2/19 c5 SumeragiByakuren
please please please please please update again soon
8/14/2020 c4 1grudgematch
like it
6/23/2020 c1 Guest
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6/12/2020 c3 8zephyr hb
Lol, I just realized that its Zygon, from the science religion XD.
Good one
6/5/2020 c1 PrincessBloodBlossom
I’m kind of wondering why Hex(Wally) is so bad if he has all his old memories of his parents and his life? Also if he was born with his powers and this is a natural for his alien species, wouldn’t his society have developed special device or way to control or turn off his powers to make him behave better or have him mature more than give his speed back to him? Plus why did his parents just leave their home world, for one that just started to accept aliens and give up there to basically a complete stranger, all be it a famous one but a stranger nonetheless?! Finally where does the timetraveling fit into Hex(Wally) being reborn to his new life?

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