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for Ben 10 meets Reboot Ben 10

20h c14 PokemonDBZFan10000
The first show is a show that was made about Ben's aliens in the original series, and the second is with that Lenopan guy with Slapstrike and Unitaur.
8/11 c14 Amanny
I love this chapter. It's nice to see Ben and Julie together.
8/11 c14 Starlord Master
The two Vilgaxs are working together!

“I find your lack of faith disturbing”? You’ve seen Star Wars haven’t you?

Dad jokes? What a riot!

Everyone agrees that Will Harangue is a total prick.

Ben and Ship sure are getting along.

I’m glad Prime Ben has Overflow and the Omni-Kix armor.

I’m sure Khyber is a good mentor to Reboot Kevin.

I guess Reboot Ben likes BenJulie.

I love Deviantart.
8/10 c14 gabeherndon308
hey this chapter is great hope you can do my nemetrix predator ocs next
8/6 c13 Guest
Will there be a spin-off with reboot Gwen and original Gwen and the main villain will be reboot hex who is wimpy in the reboot because he had a block in his head that made him loose his memories of ledgerdomain and is actually a complete monster who murdered his brother and was going to murder his niece to when she was a new born when she hasn’t even given a name and is partners with reboot dark star this is also where original. charmcaster turns good.
8/3 c13 Guest
Will Phil meet his original counterpart.
8/2 c12 63Mario bros fan4ever
your not good enough to be my fake got the reference
8/2 c13 Mario bros fan4ever
So is reboot Gwen secretly a anodite that would be awesome
8/1 c13 Starlord Master
The Proto-TRUK needs a makeover.

This is Pizzaronny.
8/1 c12 Starlord Master
Albedo and Queen Bee are freaks.

Vilgax is very determined.
8/1 c11 Starlord Master
You don't waste time.

Rook is always on point.
8/1 c10 Starlord Master
Sweet memories, right Kevin.
8/1 c9 Starlord Master
Slapback is one freaky new alien.

Ultimate time!
8/1 c8 Starlord Master
Khyber and his Panuncian are on the hunt!

The Nemetrix is like an evil Omnitrix.

Reboot Kevin Levin is Khyber's pupil.
8/1 c7 Starlord Master
Reboot Kevin's Antitrix is pretty amazing actually.

No more timing out.

Zed is one cool pet.

Bashmouth reminds me of Blitzwolfer.

Shock Rock and Feedback are a lot alike.
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