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7/11 c21 1Dracarot
Not that Gromph has always been successful in the obedient children department...

How's Liriel doing Gromphy boy?
7/6 c18 NRaven
Fantastic new entries.
Loving Kesrith's silent remarks and observations as she walks across the "alien-looking" streets of Luskan!

Can't wait for the next parts!
7/2 c15 JoKB1993
Can't tell you how happy I am to see this continued!
Absolutely great writing.
7/1 c14 4hitatsu
That's a sweet story! I hope you wille writhe the rest. Have a nice day!
6/16 c10 1bdfreak
The bit about human authors with seriousl elf fetishes writing "Elven Romance" novels really made me crack up. Still, Jarlaxle's healer definitely seemed to approve ;)

Well done!
6/13 c8 bdfreak
As a fan of Human-Drow interactions, I'm particularly interested to see what'll happen now that Entreri and Priestess Vaelierra are left alone.

Very intiguing storyline so far.
Digging this!

Keep up the good work.
You're an excellent writer!
6/10 c1 bdfreak
Hey CeruleanWing!
Just started reading this yesterday and am greatly enjoying myself.

This has enormous potential and I can't wait to see where you take us next.
You definitely have a lot of skill as a writer and I'm really looking forward to following you on this journey.

You'll definitely be getting some more feedback from the readers over the coming days and weeks.
I'm pretty sure this'll turn out to be a popular tale.

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