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for A Story of Torn Trust

9/11 c4 Guest
Please continue
6/13 c3 16The Writing Crow
Still not making any sense to me... no idea why Max s being treated like a toddler either, I thought he was only one or two years younger than Alex. I was hoping this was an Alex/Max story when I clicked on it, but man am I getting disappointed and confused. Don't get me wrong, besides the fact a lot of information is missing, it's written pretty well and sounds interesting, but... not really my thing at all, I guess
6/13 c2 The Writing Crow
This isn't making any sense at all. Why didn't you put some explanation in this chapter or in the Prologue? It doesn't make sense that the older three left Alex and Max and never contacted them for whatever period of time to just come back and be confused.

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