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6/18 c1 Meep
I forgot to say this before, happy anniversary Supernatural Magics! Thank you for sticking with this story and continuing to update at a semi-regular pace, you gave me something to look forward to during the week.
6/18 c23 9Stuck.in.Wonderland.8510
The cliffhanger... OMG UPDATE PLEASE!
6/16 c1 Meep
I don't think you ever specified weather Dumbledore knew that Harry wasn't living with the Dursley's anymore. It seems like he would though, since Mrs. Figgs would have noticed that she wasn't there anymore and would have told him.
6/16 c23 Tetradical
6/14 c23 Meep
When that ghost was eriting about Herpes, how much of a time gap was there between that entry and the next? Do the ghosts go back to normal when the dark wizard fully comes back to life, or when they die again and "restore balance," or something?
6/14 c23 Meep
What was Dean thinking when he heard, "He's your hostage."?
6/14 c23 Meep
Maybe it was implied in the part about "Hermione trying to drive them apart," buy I would have thought Rita would have written more about how Harry went to the ball with George instead of Ron, which could have been a whole extra paragraph adding to the scandal.
Speaking of scandal, did Krum think that Harry was trying to tell Hermione to not date Krum or that she was secretly dating Hermione?
6/14 c23 Meep
So it WAS the empty! Does that mean all wizards go to the empty when they die, or was that just a weird exception for Harry because of Voldemort's soul?
And don't worry, this wasn't anticlimactic at all. Even if it was from the book, that is a huge cliffhanger and I am really wondering how they will handle themselves, especially with them being hurt.
And I know a lot of people say this in a rude or demanding tone because they care, but I will say this nicely: Please do not kill off Fred and George and break our hearts.
I wonder why she got that vision and headache since she doesn't have a piece of his soul in her anymore.
Do Sam and Dean get it from John's secret "men of letters" side ot Mary's secret "hunter" side? Or maybe it has to do with their biblical destiny. Now, do plan to do something more with their apparent magical ancestry or is that just going to be a random fact that'll just help them out in minor ways every now and then just to remind us of it's existence, because if you throw something big at us like, "oh guess what, Sam's a wizard," then that would be a little much. It might not be so bad if it was something like, "there grandfather and/or Mary is a wizard," since it would be a main character affecting the story too much. Like you said, we can't have too many conspiracies.
6/8 c23 23painted heart
Please please please don’t kill off Fred and George! Can’t wait to read more
6/7 c23 6Sherlock Moriaty
The boggart version of the Empty is very creepy, in a good way. I'm interested to find out how she knows about the Empty.
6/6 c23 toile grant
it's good
6/6 c23 1Kangee
Hy, I think you made a few mistake in this chapter with the case of Barty Crouch Jr. As they actually managed to find out what Junior did and why he was imprisoned earlyer in the story. Also in the conversation between Krum and Harry he complemented her on her flying during the first task, which she didn't do.
Thought you might want to know and maybe correct it, as it is slightly confusing.
But I really like the story and it's really good, so thank you for writing it. And I'm always happy about a new chapterhint hint*
6/5 c23 16Child of Dreams
I swear if you kill Fred and George, I will MURDER you!
6/5 c23 Cyan-Snake
Dumb DUMB FUCKING DUMB. So, EVEN IF they couldn't tell something was off with Moody, SURELY the following week they would STILL see Crouch on the map? Oh my god. It's so dumb.
5/19 c23 7TheNameOfARiver
Wow what a cliffhanger in last chapter and then this announcement ...

Loving your work. I recently started watching Supernatural. And been a Potterhead since i was 11. You have crafted a beautiful amalgamation of two of most well thought out universes, and I must applaud your Courage for that alone. As both fandoms have rabid fanbases of their own.

I hope you'll continue soon. Thank you for the wonderful story.
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