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for The Night Unfurls: Re-Imagined

2/27 c12 SomeAustralianDude
Said this before but its nice to see a fic that doesn't ignore the eldritch side of bloodborne, always refreshing to see a hunter that has a higher insight than 1 and can do more that swing lumps of sharp metal.

Always a pleasure to read your work! 10/10
2/26 c12 RedRobin457
Great story so far but I have a problem with a part of the latest chapter. Instead of " and you are all not even worth killing" I think "None of you are worth killing" fits better. Sorry if it doesn't make sense English isn't my first language
2/22 c11 damianmartinez0920
Please let the hunter fight this war alone can I feel like it’s gonna be a headache if he had to work with the shield allianceI also feel like he really just a long wolf fighting alone but I still believe he can get a happy ending with someone or get a harem (I hope)and I can understand why you are read writing this because in the original story you flip-flop with your Hunter saying he’s wanting to be alone isolated that was the goal and he is saying that like he going to be still working with alliance after the war is over with them and also he also says he don’t want anyone to bear the curse of the hunter I believe it was in one of the chapters but my memory ain’t too good don’t get me wrong the original story was really good but they had to be tweak and that was it but autos it was great. Stay safe
2/19 c12 Spartan-A312
2/18 c12 1Takedown Paladin
They keep accusing him of murder and being skilled in it when they mean killing. Murder is unjustified homicide versus just homicide. He's the Hunter not an assassin even though he skills would make him adept at it. A pet peeve of mine but I feel it's an important distinction. I understand from their point of view it was an unjustified killing but the narration at time seems to paint some of his kills in that light.
2/17 c12 llaube
2/17 c12 CodeCipher
Absolutely SUBARASHI.
Let this utter thrashing be a warning to NEVER mess with a Hunter. Especially one who I assume is an infant Old One, due to The Rat labeling him as "touched by gods".
While I would miss the Kyril that had attracted Celestine and Olga, this one is far more enjoyable for the carnage that is about to be wrought.
2/14 c12 ggg123666
Still a good story, but feels as though some scenes are lacking in details or cut off too quickly. I would have loved to have seen the fight in more detail and have the shields actually press the hunter more than what was shown. I'm curious how things will play out.
2/11 c3 ggg123666
Rereading this since it's been a while. None of the characters appearances besides the hunter are really described. I think you should go back and make some edits here and there describing what the characters are wearing and what they look like. Each time a character is brought up the reader doesn't have much to go off of besides "vaguely medieval" or "just like in the hentai but not really." It takes you out of the story in the mood when you have to look up a a character's traits because the authors too lazy to add details. Still enjoying rereading this (forgot how much of the hunter comes off as a chad weather intentionally or unintentionally).
2/10 c12 ToriSenkiTan
Yes Good Hunter~~~, you tell them
2/9 c12 Locke1998
Well done.
2/8 c11 Fearless leader Bart
Now that I'm thinking about it fuck them kids these guys are better
2/6 c12 Guest
Man, this is so. Damn. GOOD! :D Holy shit this is awesome!
2/7 c12 theultimateknight mk 2
Is he a great one in this?
2/7 c12 Thanos69
He should become king in my opinion.
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