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7/17 c26 17random fanfic writer
Thank you for sharing this story with us. I appreciated your original take on the story and characters that never fell into cliche. Thank you.
7/1 c26 Angelarrows24
Wow! What a ride. Amazing writing, thank you so so much for sharing this with us. I absolutely loved your characterization of everyone. I always did like the Marauders more than the Harry generation, I feel like Harry’s generation stood on the shoulders of giants. And your writing absolutely solidified that for me.
Hope to read more of your work, Cheers!
5/15 c26 1CherryChance
Aw what a perfect last chapter! I’m so glad I took the time to read this, I absolutely adored it!
Some of the things I absolutely loved in the past few chapters - the Easter break at James’, the book she bought him and him buying her Oliver (gah!), how perfectly you sowed the seed and then confirmed it chapters later about it being snapes spell in the death eater attack (I’ve said it before but honestly, you’re SUCH a good writer), Sirius and Hestia - how bloody cute is he with her!, the map being left in filch’s cabinet, but the most all the feelings around leaving hogwarts. I’m an emotional mess! I don’t want them to leave, it was just so sentimental!
I know I was massively late to the party on this, but Thankyou so much for this fic :) it’s taken over my life in a fabulous way the last week or so! Adored it
5/9 c16 CherryChance
Right I thought wasn’t going to comment again until I’d finished it all but, chapter 16 -
“Later, in his own declaration of feelings, he would tell her that he knew exactly in that moment that he'd fallen in love with her.”
Oh, my heart! Can I have a James please
5/8 c12 CherryChance
Well I’d been trying to save reading this until I had a good bit of spare time, but I just couldn’t resist any longer. I’ve binged it since Weds, every single spare minute I’ve had. It means I’m so behind on everything else in life, but I’ve just finished chapter 12! Literally can’t wait to read the rest, I adore it. I’ve said it before on your other stories, but you are so so ridiculously talented at writing. I absolutely love all of your fics. Now I’m off to go read the rest, but just couldn’t wait any longer to review! X
5/5 c26 earthbibble
Broooo this was so good I cannot... the ending was amazing and literally I loved this story so much. I liked how it started and ended and the only parts I didn’t like were ones w Marlene j cause I found her sort of annoying in this story LOL but I loved it anyways
5/4 c26 1Typothetical
A beautiful story, bravo!
4/17 c26 sallytican
This is one of the best jily fics l've ever read. Your writing was incredible!
4/10 c26 Guest
I felt I needed to leave something new because I just saw the last review and while it sent me into hysterical laughter because uh wtaf? I still couldn't let one of my favorite fics ever have THAT as the last comment LMFAO
Can't wait for the sequel and hopefully for some #JusticeForJames and some #HumblePieForLily ;))
4/4 c1 elixirmaster
3/23 c26 Anonymous
Absolutely loved this story! Loved the Jily dynamic and also all their friends
3/21 c26 Guest
This fic man, this fucking fic is crazy! It's been so long, so many YEARS since I read something so original and different in Jily fandom so thank you for this incredible experience!
It must also be the first time I felt so antagonistic towards Lily as a person while loving her writing as a character so much lol. I'm hoping for some turning tables in the next part, would be great if Lily finally had to put some work in for James and maybe did some chasing this time. It would also be grand for James to be allowed his dignity, to be allowed to feel upset and hurt by what she does and to show it and stop brushing it aside as insignificant like always. Some equalizing is much needed in their relationship.
3/17 c16 11Sleepinghookah
"I want them to like me because I like you," she said, remaining needlessly on her tiptoes, hands still buried in the back of his hair. "And I don't plan to go anywhere, so it's important to me that we get on, since…I usually want to be where you are these days."

This is so touching. All the build up for this quiet but honest to character declaration, and we know how much it means to Voyeur!Lily and it's just really lovely.

And I can't say I'm bothered by the little stress being put on Lily from Sirius and Euphemia here. Not too much. Just a little.
3/16 c15 Sleepinghookah
Every time James makes Lily laugh now, I just get this rush. It was good before but ever since it became explicit what it means for their relationship, it's just so much. Especially during scenes like that one at the end (and wow that scene at the end!) because it gives such a good view into what Lily feels in that moment. I love it!
3/16 c23 awkwardosu
This was my favorite chapter! It was really exciting to see all the characters conspiring together.
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