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for A Wolf's Soul

7/16 c8 Guest
Love it!
6/27 c8 Arika Koski
If this fanfic was a film would it be rated R?
6/17 c8 Guest
Man I keep forgetting to leave a review. This story is great. Like the concept and the character development. Can't wait to see more!
6/18 c8 Fristylo228
— Hello, author. My name is Slava and I am from Russia. I am writing to you with the help of a Google translator. I want to say that I like this fan fiction. He interested me. I like your spelling, plot and staging of the Humphrey / Kate relationship. I like the way they have to confine themselves to each other because of her parents, who do not even allow them to sleep in the same "room". And that's great! Fan fiction itself has interested me since the beginning. I especially liked the chapter where they finally met, and then were left alone at the waterfall. It’s a pity that the rating is T (we, in Russia, have a Russian-language site that has a rating distribution. It is called “Fikbuk.” It has a rating of NC-17: it is similar to the rating of M on this site), and not M is would give me a little hope for SOMETHING :)).

— I would still think about translating this fick for our Fickbook, but I still have a lot of work on this fandom (yes, yes, I also write my own fix. It ... is dedicated to a VERY DETAILED description of the sex of Kate and Humphrey. I already wrote a chapter, it remains to summarize the fic with the help of the last chapter, and then I will write other fan fiction).

— That's all I wanted to say. Good luck, my friend ;).
6/14 c7 The Return of the Enclave
Good job looks like Humphrey meet have problems in the future. But at least Kate is happy to have her mate back. Well you have a good day and tell next time.
6/12 c6 5Retro Wolf
Oh snap. Great chapter. Eagerly awaiting the next part
6/12 c6 The Return of the Enclave
Wait Humphrey been a sleep for a month. Damn that’s a long time. Looks like a lot of time things happen doing that time. Like Kate could have move on to someone passing away. So much possibilities of what happened when he was out. Well good job on the story and have a good day.
6/12 c5 George De Vries
Didn't know that people still cared about this movie. Very happy to see that there is still some activity around here. So far, I enjoyed the story a lot. Keep up the good work.
6/11 c5 The Return of the Enclave
All man a poison flower damn. Humphrey trying to do something nice only ending up to disaster. Let’s see he makes it or not. Anyway good job on the story and have a good day tell next time.
6/9 c4 The Return of the Enclave
Good job and it was nice to see Humphrey and Kate to have time together. But sad to see Kate has to do more duties away from her mate. Anyway have a good day or night tell next time.
6/8 c2 The Return of the Enclave
Three days of not seeing him or even living with him. Damn for one Eve is a bitch. Also Kate is no help as come Kate that’s your mate. Not being with him specially when you two just married. I see future problems to easily break apart. Anyway good job on the story and have a good day.

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