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3/10 c17 Guest
THANK you for the alternate ending! This is the only fanfic I know of that lets Gordon actually go home at the end, which is what I love!
Great story really enjoyed it and first time seeing Sammael being this mad and now another spiral user is made. If you have ideas for references before I finish the coming chapter of Acceleracers, pm me! I can imagine, Tezla, the drones, or one of the generals be familiar with the Combine and black Mesa from their past.

Liked the song as I remembered it form bionic legs, loved the series!
7/16/2020 c17 2merendinoemiliano
Impressive ending, my friend.
7/15/2020 c17 nightmaster000
Okay now THAT was all around epic ending! Seriously a awesome final fight topped off with a encounter that's even more intense than the final boss fight.

Seeing Gordon pass the trial of the Spiral Gem and becoming the new wielder of the Spiral Gem of Bond was great. But what was even better was the confrontation between him and G-Man as he becomes one of those enlighten, and learns of the secrets kept from many in the public at large.

The existence of the Fallen and Sammael himself, with the G-man trying to manipulate Gordon into giving him the Spiral Gem, and also use him to guide Earth into the timeline that somehow benefitted him and his employers the most.

But Gordon refuses thanks in parts to the words of the Nihilanth ringing in his head. Than we see a surprise arrival in Sammael who's usually calm composure breaks big time, as pardon my language here but he's pissed big time!

Man don't think I've ever seen him this angry before shows that even his patience has it's limits. Seriously just loved how that Gordon's first encounter with the First of the Fallen played out. Though thankfully luck was on his side there do the void affect on Sammael and him already taxing himself to reach it.

Now we have the aftermath with Gordon along with the other Black Mesa facility members now working at a branch lab in GrimmFall. Which will allow Gordon to get some training and help in learning to wield the Gem of Bond.

It will be quite interesting to see what path Mr. Freeman will take in the future now that he's aware of the greater conflict happening in the world, and Sammael's existence. Plus the Gem of Bond like all Spiral Gem's is a game changer, especially since that's the Gem needed to allow the dimensional kidnapped a pathway home.

Though of course Gordon first needs to train and learn to properly Wield it before attempting such, as doing so before hand would just be a bad idea.

Moving on the Grey Agency's part in the Black Mesa incident and them manipulating the military like that doesn't surprise me. But this also means that Gordon is likely already on their radar, and who's knows what their next move will be.

Finally we see that despite this set back Sammael is still as badass and deadly as ever, as we get a shocking revelation in that Sammael has also mastered the Seven Chakra's! Seriously epic twist that, and Moloch's magnificent speech just made the moment all the more stunning.

Heck in a way this isn't really a full set back for Sammael since the one Spiral Gem that was always on the move, he now knows the location of in Gordon Freeman's possession. The tricky part will be getting it especially with his Semblance.

Anyway all together epic movie arc and AWESOME finish for it! :)
7/15/2020 c17 14D.N.Works
Wow. Whoever the G Man is, Sammael was angry all right. And he failed in getting a new Gem. Seems like the heroes also got a new ally, and averted a dark possible future for them. Still, the Fallen are back on the move. Good story.
7/15/2020 c17 29Titanic X
Loved the ending! :D
7/15/2020 c17 108Lord Maximus
Great ending and congratulations on finishing your first GrimmFall movie arc. Nice job with testing Freeman who went and saved the world, becoming a Spiral Wielder in the process. Loved Creeping in My Soul and love the ending in general. Good work.
enjoyed it! Really great and looking into the Combine now for information.
7/12/2020 c16 2merendinoemiliano
Very cool job
7/12/2020 c16 nightmaster000
Awesome chapter with some splendid plot development with Freeman living up to his name in freeing the Vortigaunts. :)
7/12/2020 c16 108Lord Maximus
Sounds like we are reaching the climax.
7/9/2020 c15 nightmaster000
Great chapter with some epic action. ;)
7/8/2020 c15 2merendinoemiliano
7/7/2020 c14 nightmaster000
Another epic chapter with a grand Stan Lee Cameo. :)
7/6/2020 c14 merendinoemiliano
Very badass chapter
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