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1/4 c17 1Senju D. Ace
Please take this fic to wano please your writing is amazing
12/28/2020 c15 Derplord2.0
You could do the robin and Luna adventures in a spin off book (if you want to do them) and I’m not really interested in the fight between the Grant Kingdom and the Revolutionary Army (I thought you summed it up pretty well) as for the story about Leo I think we should find out when Luna tells Luffy and the others instead of going into a flashback.
11/27/2020 c18 Pioneer la
A fridge in Luna?! I don’t know but...I think Usopp just saved his captain’s possible future childs... xD
Can’t wait for the Enies Lobby! This arc was one of the long ones but I hope you can end in 2 chapters at least
Thanks for the chapter!
11/27/2020 c18 Kendiyy
everyone getting through some serious shit- Usopp and Luna go to an enemy bar and ends up with drinking and crying with an another so called enemy- putting it like this just made me laugh Lol Anyways, thanks for the chapter! finally they are going to enies lobby! I can’t wait for it!
11/27/2020 c18 ptbv
thanks for the chapter
11/26/2020 c18 1Lily E. Miller
This chapter kinda messy. Too many fight, too many scenes. Tbh I also didn't like Water 7 arc in canon. Too serious, too long, and too complicated than their previous fights. I can't wait for this arc finished and started the next arc! Poor brook already waited long enough.

About the beta edit, are they going to paused your chapter updates? I hope not, I don't think I have that much patience. Two months is the longest I could wait for a chapter.
11/7/2020 c17 dolfsenson
Thank you for the update️️
11/5/2020 c17 Lily E. Miller
a short chapter, but it's okay! I think this chapter still longer than other people's works. And I satisfied enough with it.
That girl, the goddess of war, must be have a mental sickness. Maybe she's snapped the last time Luna see her. She's not makes sense at all, saying all is Luna's fault. I don't know all her background, maybe there's more of it that I still don't know, but her power surely kinda OP. Strong defense and offense? That's cheating, I say! Cheating!
I hope Luna grew stronger...

np, I can't wait for this arc finished and meet Brook!
11/5/2020 c17 6Miss Meep
Ouch, Luna!
Great chapter. Looking forward to the next.
11/5/2020 c17 Pioneer la
I love how you write Luna and Robin's story, and it makes sense. It feels like Robin's mother(forgot the name) was like Mason and now Robin is following their footsteps. Luna also feels like she inherited after her grandfather or am I wrong?
Anyways great chapter!
11/5/2020 c17 Kendiyy
It was short but not that short if you ask me, even your short chapters are still longer than many lol
thanks for the chapter, i cant wait for the next one!
10/23/2020 c16 Pioneer la
I almost forget Luna’s other weapons lol
Thanks for the chapter, can’t wait for the next!
10/22/2020 c16 1Lily E. Miller
waaaaaa a chapter full of fun and excitement! I didn't expect CP0 came, even gorosei at all. I feel you gonna do something in Enies Lobby, something big, because Luna is too dangerous like that and they gonna taken advantage of the situation, but I thought it just some assassin or marine... humhum, next chapter going to be fun!
10/22/2020 c16 ptbv
thanks for the chapter
10/20/2020 c15 Guest
Did Vila died? don't know why but I kinda liked her
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