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for Feathers Fall, Wings Rise

7/25 c1 violet lilaccs
7/19 c1 AnimexFreakz 0.o
Thank you so much for writing! I really enjoyed it, it makes me feel more sympathetic towards Gabriel. I must have missed vanished, but I’ll have to go find it now!
6/12 c1 Guest
Hi. How do you take to ides and suggest? Becuz I have one. What would happen if LB discovered that CN was being being cruelly forced to work for HM, because he doesn't want anyone hurt. When LB checks in on CN, he lies to her face saying everything thing is fine he is just tired, which doesn't explain his jumpiness. So, marinette being Marinette decidedly that the best way to save her kitten... is (with the help of other holders of course) she is gonna kidnap Chat Noir. And no, she is not gonna warn him about it. Thought you might like the idea! Thank the G.P. Plz! Peace love and oboes!
6/10 c1 Lady Dominator
6/8 c1 494yellow 14
Very nicely done. Keep writing
6/7 c1 82KaliAnn
It was fantastic to read Gabriel's pov in this story.
6/7 c1 55MythGirl Writes
I liked seeing his side of this, and the mental image of him having to rely on the pictures is really funny to me for some reason. Great fic, as usual!

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