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for A Kitten In A World Of Heroes (he has sharp claws and is very hungry)

7/18 c2 SteadfastWhiplash
Killua could lift literal tons without the use of Nen, dear God you've nerfed him hard.
7/9 c40 Guest
I don't think Killua would forge a bond with Bakugo so quickly. I think Bakugo would think Killua as a rival but Killua would like to push his buttons and tease him. Plus Killua wouldn't care since he's way stronger than Bakugo and Killua might dislike him.
7/9 c40 Guest
In the case you take my advice and Killua is teleported to My Hero Academia after the Chairman Election arc or the Greed Island arc because he's mastered Nen more. I think you should do it after the Chairman Election arc because Killua's created Godspeed and removed Illumi's needle. As for how he goes to My Hero Academia maybe Illumi, Silva and Zeno Zoldyck corner them after 1 year of traveling with Alluka to make Killua train more at the Zoldyck mansion as the family heir plus they'd want Alluka's powers too. And they might use Gon as a hostage. Nanika would send Killua to the My Hero Academia universe one month before the entrance exams or something. In another scenario a person with interdimensional quirk or pro hero goes to the Hunter x Hunter universe and meets Killua but accidentally or purposely warps him to the My Hero Academia universe. Or a criminal with a supposed teleporting quirk switches places with Killua and he meets Detective Tsukauchi, Aizawa and maybe Nezu and is interrogated but maybe reach an agreement. Maybe he appears in front of UA or in UA where he meets Nezu and/or Aizawa(hero name: Eraser head). He should be more secretive and ruthless willing to do basically anything to find a way home to find Alluka but maybe still try to retain his morals. In the case he meets Nezu and/or Aizawa learn his otherworldly secret and to help him and learn he's extremely powerful. But the rotten Hero Public Safety Commission manipulates his situation and he has to help them and use their leverage because they're his most likely way home. In the case he lands somewhere in a city maybe he learns Japanese and the writing then works at an underground fighting ring with Giran as his sponsor, tries to be a pro hero for information for a interdimensional quirk but eventually his otherworldly secret is revealed. Or he is a "spy" for the League of Villains as a temporary member or a "double agent" for UA. but he's actually on his own side. Please consider and maybe use one of these ideas.
6/22 c7 3Violetviolet247
6/22 c1 Guest
did you at least check all the events? like the entrance exam, the tournament, and so on?
6/20 c39 123ABIR123
This is good Pls update more
6/19 c27 Ghost
…oh shit.
6/19 c21 Ghost
6/18 c6 Ghost
Katsuki and his mom deffo have random staring contests of dominance. It’s fact and no one can tell me otherwise
6/18 c1 Ghost
Hey this is really good
6/8 c6 Dorben
Bruh... You really went and used 911? It's fucking Japan.

Just set this whole setting in fucking New York, why don't you?
6/8 c2 Dorben
This kitten/kitty thing is just something that I can't take seriously. I'd ask for it to not happen too much more in the future but...

chapter 2
6/8 c1 Dorben
All I'm gonna say is if Killua doesn't have the capabilities to take a man's beating heart from him without the man noticing then you've irrevocably changed his character to one I cannot, and will not, recognise.

As long as he can do that, I'm not gonna say nothing else.

Chapter 1 Review [just so you don't think it's a review on the latest chapter and misunderstand my point]
6/5 c40 Guest
I don't Aizawa's quirk would work on Nen users.
6/2 c40 Guest
This is such a good book! I'm excited to read the next chapters that come out.
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