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for The Heroes Three

6/18/2020 c4 James Birdsong
Nice four chapters
6/17/2020 c4 27Lleu
Hah, I was right. Zelda does know a thing or two! Now I'm curious about Ganondorf though. Is he manipulating everyone into the journey to the desert, or is it just a happy coincidence?
6/15/2020 c3 Lleu
I really like Ganon here. I wonder if his mother is Gerudo, or if he's having any personal feelings about this quest. I reckon Zelda may be suspecting more than she lets on about the hero thing too...
6/8/2020 c1 2VictorOfArda
I really like it so far. I don't know much about Zelda but you write well and the world is easy to imagine in my mind.
6/8/2020 c1 27Lleu
Aw, this is a really cute start! I like original adventures like this. And having it start out with them knowing Ganon is an interesting take!

You might want to double-check the formatting. I think it got messed up somehow when you uploaded.

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