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for Overlord: The Demon Empress in Westeros

7/21 c30 4Alucard
With more details now I definitely do not want A, B, or C with a fiery passion. D is ok E and F are still my favorites. As for G, I do not like the idea of your OC getting with a GUY I like her relationships with her her guardians like Albedo and Shaltear, I do not like the idea of some dude coming in to the mix, it actually really bothers me. Option H is ok, I have nothing more to say on that. Option I and J are a BIG NO for me. Option K is ok, L is okay as long as your OC does not end up with some human, it does not match the persona you have built around her, at least to me and as I said before the idea of your OC being with a male makes me kinda mad. Option M does not really grab my attention and as for option N I think it should be a separate fic but I like your OC’s default appearance and that is ONE of the reason Harriet Potter drives me up the wall. I do not want to be rude but I could not get charter 3. I really like your OC’s overwhelming power. Once again great work and I hope you see my post. For those who agree maybe you guys can like the post so it gets the authors attention, maybe. I’m not 100% clear on how FanFiction works.
7/21 c29 4Alucard
I like options D through G with E and F being my favorite because you are not taking away her power for long. Though I think E is my favorite, but to be honest I like your other stories over the Game of Thrones franchise because I am not a big fan of Game of Thrones. The only reason I am here is because I love your writing and your OC, she is the best. But no matter what option you choose to write I will read it, slowly, but I will read it eventually. Keep up the great work!
7/6 c31 J
Hey is the blackfyre child young griff going to make appearance
7/6 c2 Guest
I'd like to point out that at the end of Robert's Rebellion the Crown had a surplus of something like 2 or 4 million gold dragons. The reason Robert had married Cersei Lannister was because Tywin's army was largely untouched while the rebel forces were tired and under-strength at the end of the war and while the gold was a bonus and a necessity later on the men were needed to counter anything the Dornish or Reachmen might have tried
6/29 c1 FentanylFloyd
Fuck off with all your dumbshit genderbent Overlord stories you fucking tranny. You will never be a real woman.
6/27 c31 kaonei
There is one thing I wonder, why Bathory doesn't have any pets like her sisters?
6/17 c31 larmmason
Hope Sean Bean can really survive and live his live happily this time, so many dead happen to him that it became a joke already orz
6/17 c26 larmmason
Arwen's Bizarre Adventure? lol
Really love Arwen's Attitude and personality here.
even if her mind saw human as toys still, I think she still's the most compassionate to human aside from maybe Galadriel herself.
6/17 c14 larmmason
Merlin(Fate/GO Proto) the *ick wizard would be proud of Albedo here, He/She got Artoria and Morgan going at it already hehe.
6/17 c12 larmmason
pfft.. She just have to jinx it.
6/17 c11 larmmason
I love how the people of Nazarick are much more friendly and kinder than their counterpart in Canon, so many conflict and needless dead avoid.
6/17 c31 Porcalein
H and C
6/17 c9 larmmason
Valkyrie Randgris sure made me think of the MVP Boss from Ragnarok.
and Oberyn still doesn't know how hopeless he is with anyone from Nazarick. hehe
6/16 c31 7Paxloria
Great chapter!

What will Ned do now? Knowing what he knows, how can he let ANY daughter of his be betrothed to Joffry?
6/16 c31 Redgrave Antony
"Let me guide you" I think you meant accompany or something like that the guy is a foreigner and he is offering to guide a local(oh wait did you do that for the irony)
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