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for Overlord: The Demon Empress in Westeros

3/29 c27 4Black Magic99
i thought this was a dumb but fun story... then somehow you turned it good?!

now I wanna know what happens next and when canon will break
3/17 c27 Edgy Lardy
3/3 c27 anonymous
Thank you for the update looking forward to more.
3/3 c27 Kult4477
thx more pliz. I hope you have enough time and inspiration to write until the end of this work.
3/2 c27 Tommy
This is most likely my favorite story of yours. Please continue to update!
3/2 c27 CamoMurf
Hm. Giving dragons to teenagers. I sense terrible things to come. XD
3/3 c27 kage88
3/3 c27 Spacemonkey777
Yay! Dragons!

Jokes aside I feel like this story is a little too slow for my taste. Don't get me wrong, it's very interesting, but it's just so, damn, slow. Good thing is that any dragon above level 30 will be impervious to rudiment weapons such as scorpion hidden in Red Keep's dungeons. They can spearhead the show and demonstrably tank scorpion shots 'without' even noticing. Until they run out of ammo. Then they can turn around, 'see' it, and smash them to bits. And after that entire armada of dragons Galadrial has been mass breeding can fly in darken the skies. Not only dragons but you can pull in all sorts of avian creatures Aura has from Floor 6. I mean, shock and awe. They can even make special effects like lightnings thundering in the background and use magic to amplify dragon roars. Those kind of things. Bloodshed will most definitely be avoided if enemy has more 'legendary' creatures than you have horse. Lol! hahaha.

Also, please, I can't wait. Give us some Nazarick characters interacting with Capital folks. Like Tyrion maybe stumbling into human disguised princes of Nazarick and they have a soul to soul chat. Stuff like that. hahaha
3/2 c26 kaonei
Please don't end this story before arwen's orgy being confirmed as an canon, I will love to hear more about what will happen.
3/2 c27 Stratos263
Good luck with conquering westeros
3/2 c27 3DarkFusion
Honestly I like this fic mainly because it is fun to read due to the power scale difference of Nazarick and everyone else being greater than canon and given how grim and miserable Westeros is even canon Ainz and co. would probably be heroes compared to almost everyone there. I would like to see this continue but if you want to reboot things in favor of a better take on these two series crossing over that's your call.
As for this chapter, admittedly this one was also just for setting things up but I do look forward to seeing what Galadriel and co.'s plans would be as the plotline of Season/Book 1 moves forward. Would definitely like to see how Ned's navigating King's Landing turns out with support from the shadows.
As for ideas for an alternate start the only one I can think of off the top of my head is maybe use the Overlord mobile game's starting premise (whether you use the original slime girl is up to you) where something goes wrong in the isekai process and Ainz/Galadriel is greeted by a wrecked Nazarick only has some of the Nazarick allies while the rest are in stasis until you want them in the plot so Ainz/Galadriel has to take a more personal role in checking out Westeros (maybe split between whose available where some come along while the rest stay behind to wake their allies and fix the place) and through whatever he/she does in reaction to whatever events of the series he/she encounters at that point intentionally or not starts planting the seeds for the cult based around him/her.
3/2 c27 Sixot Ruthless
I like this story, I can understand that you do not finish liking or convincing, but I would like it to continue, BUT I would understand if you would leave it and it would not bother me so much, especially when it means more chapters of other stories, having one less, andor that you are more relaxed and can write better or more often :3
3/2 c27 DirtyCat
3/2 c27 3RonaldM40196867
Dragons are eternal.

Happy March!
3/2 c27 offshorephillip
Honestly I like this story. Please keep it going. Although with the way Nasha is I'm waiting on the mom I knocked up my girlfriend dilemma.
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